Thursday, October 19, 2017

My One. My Only.

Of all those girls who turned your head back in high school...... why me?
Those quite a bit prettier, quite a bit softer, quite a bit....... less....... me. 
But, there it is....... 


Every day for the past 25 years, you have chosen me.


I have sat at your feet.
I have cried in your arms.
I have brought our children into the world.
I have put my foot down and I have crumbled with humble release.

How did you know?

How did you know that our combination of love, passion, humor, respect, strength, and commitment would carry us?

How did you know that we would become U/us?

For me

I knew it was you.
I knew that my heart would never survive spending my life without you.  

I knew that nothing would taste as sweet or feel as warm if I didn’t chose you.

I saw your strength and knew you would protect me.  
I saw your kindness and knew you would be the only Man that I would raise a family with.
I saw your smile......... and I was never the same.

You have righted our course more times than I can count.
You have held me on the most genuine pedestal of admiration and love.
You placed a song in my heart that was handwritten for only me.
You have created a HOME built on a foundation that is unbreakable.

“I love you” has never been enough.
“I serve you” came closer.

“I will take care of you”

Now, that is everything I have in one declaration.

YES baby.  
I will take care of you.


  1. Oh Pearl, so beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this with us. Thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers your way.


  2. I can't say anything better than what Roz has said. You are in my thoughts.


  3. That is just so honest and profound. And, as the others have already said, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Very sweet post Pearl. You have such a strong bond between you. Hugs.

  5. Pearl, this is both poignant and beautiful. Sending prayers your way.