Wednesday, June 28, 2017

To the point.....kind of

As I was mindlessly watching a video of a woman playing the piano, I had a moment.

  Dejavu I suppose.

I remember watching a movie, or TV show, where this young woman was in a piano lesson.  Her teacher held a sharpened pencil, pointing up, next to the piano keys.  The expectation was that the woman keep her wrists high while she played.  Consequently, when she didn't, her wrists would be poked by the sharp pencil.

I remembered this scene.  And, I remembered how it made me feel.
It was invigorating.

It wasn't the teacher, it wasn't the student, it wasn't even the damn piano.
The predicament.
The consequence.
Good God I loved the butterflies I felt!

How is this the first time I have thought about that in the 5+ years we have been down this road?!


  1. Hi Pearl, it's great to see you post :) Funny how things suddenly come back to the forefront of the mind. No doubt brought on by the video you watched.

    I think that scene would have given me butterflies too. As you said, it's the predicament and consequence.


  2. I love predicaments. It is weird how things will suddenly flood our memories.

  3. I should teach my kids this way!

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