Friday, March 17, 2017

Modern conveniences.

It has been a LONG time................................

Our house was built in small stages long before we moved in.  A room here......a room there......a little cottage meant for the summer many years ago now a family home.


The electrical outlets in our room went out.  No big deal.....we roll with the punches......for a handful of reasons we needed to wait for our fix-it guy to, well, fix it.


Please, follow me on this.

One month.  NO HITACHI!

Now, my submissive men-friends (sub hub....sub love.....) I get that there is a sense of satisfaction for you as you are denied orgasm from your amazingly Dominant wives........


If I could have literal BLUE balls......I would have!  I ached in a way I cannot even explain!  Having vaginal (g-spot) orgasms throughout that month only made the aching congestion worse.

Maybe if this was an intended denial I would have received it better and with more grace?  My Man offered more than once for me to bring my friend downstairs and use a working plug......our family time just really didn't allow for that.

And then......

It happened.........

With power restored my Man reminded me that no one else was home and there was a vibrator waiting for me!!!

Oh.  Sweet.  Jesus!

Swats from the crop peppering my breasts and thighs turned into my head tilted back over the bed and my mouth being fucked.  I came.  Too many times to count and too many times to even see straight.

My Man walked out of our bedroom.  Sat in the living room chair.  Called me to get on my knees and suck on him.  After a short time, he sent me back to our bedroom......

Have another.  Then, come back.

I did.

The staggered back to him.  Back to my knees.

Go again. 

I did.

As I got up from the bed, he calls out..........Three more.

I became a literal puddle.  The release was unreal.  All tension, gone.  All anxieties, gone.  All congestion binding up my vagina for a month, gone!

I begrudgingly admitted to myself that the wait added to the euphoria I otherwise would only have experienced a fraction of.  An interesting lesson for sure.


  1. Wow.
    That's all I could possibly say, just WOW

  2. I'm with Don, wiw! *smiling*


    1. This post, and the comments, make me smile too! It really was a difficult time off!!

  3. Wow's the word to be sure Pearl! What an experience, your Man knows you well. So obviously, the orgasm is different for a woman vs a man. By being denied not only can a man maintain that loving euphoria that women have naturally, but the wait time brings a more powerful climactic experience that we men subs very much appreciate when allowed.

    On another note, Queen J would probably have me contracting an electrical substation adjacent to the house if there was even a threat that Miss Ghost, the name we've given her Hitachi, could be out of commission! (she actually has 2 backup Hitachi's)

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing experience in the usual unique way that only the venerable blogger Pearl can!


    1. Thank you so much sublove! I know you and other submissive husbands could bring a different point of view to this. I have went w/o clit orgasms before- sometimes an intended with-holding and other times just out of convenience. I have never felt quite this........full?? Not sure that is the right word but it's the best way I can remember it now. I was so uncomfortably full. That "loving euphoria " you talked about is strongest for me when I am really serving or really being put to task (aka. Spanked).