Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Submissive Feminist.

Maybe that would be the title of my autobiography.  

In the middle of spitting nails, preaching to my girls that they are below NO ONE ever, I submit.
In the middle of proud tears and passionate words, I submit.
In the middle of feeling stronger and more capable than ever, I submit.

Those of you who share this brand of submission know full well the dichotomy of growing stronger through letting go.  As you first enter that dual role, it can be confusing and difficult to know when to SHINE and when to shine.  Then, you realize, the two are not separate.

You S/shine because you are part of a union that needs you in all that you are.

Sometimes, years down the line, you need to
Revitalize your commitment....
Revitalize your promise....

Renew your acknowledgement that these two parts of you are vital to who you are in the union.


  1. So beautifully stated, Pearl. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you Cat! Thanks for stopping in too!!

  2. Submission is not weakness. I am a retired Marine. I have been shot at and have shot at bad guys. My hearing is reduced from helicopters and firing weapons inside of buildings. For the outside world, we are a vanilla couple. There is comfort in giving control to your spouse. My wife is a girly, girl. In public she likes being helpless female. In private, she is a happy sadist. I have to use my safe word at least once a month. Enjoy your imperfection with an imperfect person who you love.

    1. Hi anonymous,
      Welcome and thanks!
      I very much agree that the common thread with any brand of submission is strength. Giving someone else the lead is far from weak. Same with being pushed to use your safe word! Takes some good loving and some strength on both your parts. Enjoy!

      Hope to see you around (also, you probably have been on his blog before but subhub in Phoenix is an awesome Submissive husband with a terrific blog!).
      XOXO Pearl

  3. This is awesome Pearl and as Cat said, beautifully stated. The two are not mutually exclusive. So great to see you post :)


    1. I so agree Roz. And, I am hoping to be in blogland more!!