Monday, January 23, 2017

Am I right?!

Sometimes it just doesn't matter who's right.

For example......

The 5th anniversary.


I chose to give him a new olive wood paddle.
He chose to give me new handmade leather cuffs in my favorite colors.

See, Win/win.  

*I just looked it up and the 5th anniversary IS wood! I thought it would have been even funnier if we both got it wrong!  Maybe the D/s 5th anniversary is different!?!  We have been married over 18 years so I think we're good with anything we choose!

XOXO Pearl

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Submissive Feminist.

Maybe that would be the title of my autobiography.  

In the middle of spitting nails, preaching to my girls that they are below NO ONE ever, I submit.
In the middle of proud tears and passionate words, I submit.
In the middle of feeling stronger and more capable than ever, I submit.

Those of you who share this brand of submission know full well the dichotomy of growing stronger through letting go.  As you first enter that dual role, it can be confusing and difficult to know when to SHINE and when to shine.  Then, you realize, the two are not separate.

You S/shine because you are part of a union that needs you in all that you are.

Sometimes, years down the line, you need to
Revitalize your commitment....
Revitalize your promise....

Renew your acknowledgement that these two parts of you are vital to who you are in the union.