Monday, December 12, 2016

almost out of hiding...........

I wrote a post rambling on about this past year.........

Scattered thoughts.

It needs to stay in the drafts for now.

Oh, life.
You little

My Man is making me a bench. Something lovely for the basement for all to sit on that will convert with a few hinges just for me.  Well, for Him to enjoy me.

I am awaiting the return of Pearl.  She has been so patiently waiting as I wrap up the last of my educational goals.  She isn't gone, she is always part of who I am and all I do.  My Man knows that he cannot be in charge of that part.  Indirectly, He is, but this task is all my own.  We are still U/us.

This past year.......
Oh, this past year.................

I am not a New Years resolution kind of girl.  I set a goal because I want to achieve it, not because it's January 1st.  But, I LOVE to set a goal and meet a challenge.  I mean L. O. V. E. it!

We shall see.