Friday, November 18, 2016


I could not miss LOVE OUR LURKERS 11 !!!!

I started out as a lurker.  Late night blog surfing....looking for others like my Man and me.

It sounds a bit silly now, but I didn't always know where these amazing people were.

Or, if they even existed at all!

During the past few years that I have had my own blog.......

 I STILL lurk!

Sometimes I just don't have time to really dig in and write a comment, other times I'm not sure I have anything to add.  But, as a blogger, I know that sometimes you REALLY need someone to comment.  You need to know that someone hears you, understands you, or just cares enough to tell you to get your head out of your ass!

For all of you that lurk....THIS is for you!!

MANY THANKS for every time you came back to read!!!

My Man and I are real.
The ups.
The downs.
And, everything in-between!!

We invite you to say a 'Hello'.
Ask a question if you're feeling especially UN-lurkey!!!!!

Today..... Tomorrow......
Any time you want!!!

XOXO Pearl

Thursday, November 17, 2016

If you elect a Pig for President.....

If you elect a Pig for President,
he is going to believe that his behavior is acceptable.

If he believes that his behavior is acceptable,
he is going to grab MORE pussy.

If he grabs more pussy,
he will eventually get caught on tape admitting to grabbing pussy

If he eventually gets caught on tape admitting to grabbing pussy,
the right people will fight against him.

If the right people fight against him,
they will see he is also a racist.

If they see he is also a racist,
they will demand an explanation.

If they demand an explanation,
he will show unapologetic pride in his behavior.

If he shows unapologetic pride in his behavior,
they will conclude he has no moral base.

If they conclude he has no moral base.....................

They will STILL elect that fucking Pig for president!!!!

What the fuck!?

*nothing is less sexy that having a fucking Pig for president*