Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Embarrassed little girl.


This is the sign my Man and I saw in the window of a saddlery store.  You know where this is going, don't you!?  We have talked about adding a crop to our toy box. We have even almost went a time or two to a store to find said riding crop.

This time....

We went inside!

A sale damn it.  I am a sucker for a sale.

As it turns out..... I'm also a prude!!!!!  I was SHOCKED at how embarrassed I felt.  I'm not sure if it was the older woman owner who could tell in the first 5 seconds that we knew nothing about horses?

"Are you looking for English or Western?" She says.

In my head I say,
"When He swats me really good we joke that he got some 'English' in it.  So, English?"

But, what comes out is,
"I don't know anything about horses."

Smooth..... Really smooth......

It becomes even more painful as I explain that my friend owns a horse (truth) and I'm looking for her (untruth).   I text my friend (truth) and casually say "she will text me to let me know what she wants" (untruth).

I slowly stroll up and down the isles.

I have no problem stairing in horny giddiness at the leather collars and straps....but the fucking crop.....I can't even make eye contact with it's

My internal dialog is a mess.

"Oh shit.
There they are.
Don't stare.
At the front?
How did we not see them!?!
Oh my God.
They're smaller than I thought.
Don't stare!
A whippy tail one?!
It's Christmas.
She sees it on my face.
This is NOT for a horse.

And, against every bet I would have ever made about my comfort with my sexuality......... We walked out...... Empty handed.

What the hell?!


  1. Lmao!!

    Shame you didn't get one! Maybe next time just grab one and go. :)

    1. I was thinking about going back today.....had a cover story and all =)

  2. LoL Pearl, you poor thing. Such a pity you left empty habded. I think I would have gone for the prettiest looking one lol.


    1. You know me well then Roz! When I did sneak a peak I was looking to see if any had any girly flowers or anything.

  3. You missed out! There again, you might want to, those crops are stingy. I ordered my online from Jack Floggers :)

    1. I will have to check out Jack Floggers. Thanks DF!

  4. Barney went by himself to the saddlery store ( but I looked online ahead of time)as I waited in the car. Next time have him go in and buy a crop AND a quirt (then don't hate me if he does! lol)

    1. Oh btw, I did give him a few prepared was for our SIL but the other one was as a joke for a bachelor party gift.

    2. THAT's where I went wrong....I came in the store =)

      I have to look up what a quirt is?? Maybe the long whippy tail one?? I was thinking about a cover story all night last night just in case I had the time to stop in again today. I even decided that I would buy one of their silly girly horse greeting know.....for my friend's gift........

  5. Awww Pearl! Sorry that you walked out without a crop! Sometimes these shopping expeditions can throw one for a loop! Maybe you will find something that you like even better somewhere else, and you will feel more comfortable too. You've had practice! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. Katie, I was so bummed! In a sexy store, you all know why you're there. I really never feel out of place or shy. I even feel at ease to be His sub when we are in a sexy store. The mom and pop saddlery shop threw me for a loop, that's for sure!!

  6. Hi Pearl, very interesting goings on :)
    My guess is that your Man was taking some mental notes and has since, or will soon return to the store and pick up the the perfect crop. You only being made aware of the purchase at the special time he chooses to "try it out".
    One can dream right?

    1. Oh how I hope you are right!!! But in place of that....I will certainly be happy to dream about it!! Good to "see" you sublove.
      XOXO Pearl