Friday, April 22, 2016


Or, the lack thereof......

My blogging has been falling to the wayside.  Not by intention at all, just life and the lack of time that comes with it.

A few years ago, maybe even a year ago?! My pause in blogging often meant that I needed time to think out some things.  This thing that W/we do can (often) be difficult to figure out.  It really requires you to not only trust that who you are at your core is valued and protected by another but you too have to learn to be worthy of that same trust.

These days, we are not by any means removed from all the "figuring out" time but we have settled in on so many levels.

Has that settling in turned into a lack of inspiration?

It feels like a yes and no.  So basically, I'm not sure =)

Life's businesses has a way of creating that lack of inspiration.  It's a domino effect.

And, before you know it............

You are on an empty blog page

More than lack of inspiration, could be the perceived and real lack of time.  Either way, it isn't a lack of wanting to it?

The love of my life inspires me every single day.
Not every day has been filled with sexy time (it seems that milestone birthdays mean that your body just HAS to start revolting against you and your carefree health!).
But every day is filled with LOVE.


  1. Hi Pearl, it's great to hear from you. I know all about lack of time and inspiration to blog and life taking over. I haven't posted in so long now. For me it's a combination of technology making writing a post difficult and not knowing what to write, given we haven't practiced ttwd for a long time now. Having said that, I did get a surprise yummy light spanking last weekend :)

    I'm glad to hear you have settled in to your brand of ttwd. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!


    1. Hey old friend =] I saw you posted too! Can't wait to pop over and read up on his things are going for you! And thank you for the birthday wishes!! XOXO Pearl

  2. Struggling with empty blog page too. I want to write, but there isn't anything to write.
    love your last sentence.
    hugs D F

    1. Thanks DF. Love is really what it all comes down to fit us. I'm happy to know you have the same! Now.... How to banish this writers block for us both!!??

  3. Hi Pearl! We've been struggling with life's roller coaster as well but I finally took the time to write this morning and it felt so good. A blank page - what an opportunity! Love ya! Amy

    1. I LOVE your take, a blank page as an opportunity... Now to fill that page =]. My Man did spank some inspiration into me... So we'll see!!

  4. I have about five posts that I never finished. It's hard, for me to put into words what's going on. I need my blog friends and I forget sometimes how great the love and support is here. Rollercoaster rides seem to have hard seats, did you know that? I went on one with my son last year and my back hurt so bad afterwards. But I did go on it a second and screamed the entire time. Luckily there wasn't a third time. I hope that things are good.

    1. Well hello stranger!!! It's easier to be MIA from blogland when you notice many of your friends are too.

      And you're too funny! After having babies- the roller coasters make my stomach churn... But I'm sure my ass wouldn't do well either!

  5. Hey Pearl :) If you're like me, and I suspect you are from the fervor you seem to write and live with, it's all or nothing. When you journal or post it has to mean something. You probably don't want to post something that isn't truly significant or impactful to you. Therefore the waiting game....

    Life isn't always significant or impactful, sometimes it's simply mundane or prosaic. That's one reason I like to journal. Even though I can be uninspired, my meandering will usually find an interesting crevice that I can explore. Soon enough, I'm thinking again, feeling again.

    I for one will be here when the inspiration comes for you to share, whenever that may be. In the meantime may your loving Dom's hand keep finding your fleshy parts that call out for His power and dominion!


    1. Sublove, hmmmmmm.... You may have me pegged. I truly live by the motto that the biggest enemy of being great is being good. So, maybe I am a bit all or nothing =]

      Blogging is so freeing for me. Not sure my heart would be happy if I stayed away much longer. XOXO Pearl