Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dream a little dream.

Although I wouldn't necessarily call this a nightmare, I certainly hated this dream...

I don't even know a name for where I was but basically I went to a play dungeon where Doms train subs.  I make my way through the initial meeting room and into the area for training/serving.  I have no idea if I am naked but I know that I am on my knees the entire time.  This doesn't feel sexual, it feels almost like a transaction or a communication.  I am not eager nor interested and although my body shows that I am in service, I am clearly NOT.  Even when he pulls out his hard cock and puts it to my face.  I turn away.  "There is no reason the lint on my dick is not in your mouth" he says to me.  Again, not sexual.  The feeling is one of defiance.  I don't have to serve, and I certainly don't have to serve him.  How this is not sexual is only something that makes sense in dreams......

At the end of the training, we are talking, as equals.  I apologize and admit that I didn't try at all.  I am the reason we got nowhere.  At some point it is suggested that my Man come next time, that all of this will work better if he is there.  The guy tells me, laughing, some Men don't like it until they see how it goes.

Not even sure this needs interpretation... Only motivation!

Friday, April 22, 2016


Or, the lack thereof......

My blogging has been falling to the wayside.  Not by intention at all, just life and the lack of time that comes with it.

A few years ago, maybe even a year ago?! My pause in blogging often meant that I needed time to think out some things.  This thing that W/we do can (often) be difficult to figure out.  It really requires you to not only trust that who you are at your core is valued and protected by another but you too have to learn to be worthy of that same trust.

These days, we are not by any means removed from all the "figuring out" time but we have settled in on so many levels.

Has that settling in turned into a lack of inspiration?

It feels like a yes and no.  So basically, I'm not sure =)

Life's businesses has a way of creating that lack of inspiration.  It's a domino effect.

And, before you know it............

You are on an empty blog page

More than lack of inspiration, could be the perceived and real lack of time.  Either way, it isn't a lack of wanting to it?

The love of my life inspires me every single day.
Not every day has been filled with sexy time (it seems that milestone birthdays mean that your body just HAS to start revolting against you and your carefree health!).
But every day is filled with LOVE.