Monday, February 1, 2016

Do you trust me?

Pretty red panties
Spanking stick (blind tilt)

I am layed out on our bed, pillows under my hips arching my lower back and tilting my soft bottom up for His pleasure.

He is very rhythmic today equal paddling to each side.  Changing up the rhythm just as I am used to it.

It is excruciating and intoxicating.

Do you want more?

I am tearlessly sobbing.


The paddling continues as does the swats with the spanking stick/ blind tilt.

A pause.

Awe.  Honey.  We broke it.

He lays a 3inch piece of the blind tilt next to my head on the bed. I turn and look at it.

Do you like that?

A little victory?  The blind tilt broke.  Not me.
I am wired a bit odd.  Beautifully odd.

The paddling and spanking continues.

Tearless sobs continue as he tells me....
Don't do that again.

I am in a fog.  I have been sobbing, moaning, and ouching, the whole time. What did I just do that I need to stop?

I loosen my clenched bottom.

The remainder of the paddling and spanking stick swats are done with my absolutely surrendered and  softened bottom.

You can take so much more now.
He is reflecting my ability to stay still as the intensity hits an all time high. (Pun intended).

Can you take more?

He asked me this a few times throughout.

This time, I don't have an answer.  My mind is scrambled.  There is no clear thought.
My bottom says "NO" but that other part of me..........she always wants more. Insatiable.

I..... I don't know.

Do you trust me?

I know this answer!  No doubt. Nothing is more clear at this moment.

I think you can take more.

Yes, Sir.
And, just like that.  That sliver of the world I held control to, resigned in my own stubbornness...left.

At some point. I am gathered into his arms.

He leads me towards the in window closed blind glass door.

Back up.
Press your bottom on the glass.

I am in an absolute fog as I comply with his orders.

Cool glass.   Hot bottom.


  1. Smiling for you Pearl. This sounds amazing, he knows you well. Think I would have been glad the tilt wand broke lol. Cold glass on a hot bottom...heaven :)


    1. Oh Roz it broke but I think that only gave him more interest in using it! It's still very much long enough to use....yikes! And the cold glass, heaven is right.

  2. Hi Pearl! You sure can take a lot more than I can. The glass sounds like a wonderful cooling sensation. Nice touch! Amy

    1. Fibber!! I have seen your pictures =) your bottom has gotten it pretty good a few times yourself!

  3. Hi Pearl, you are very brave to take so much. Must remember the cold glass next time.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Lindy- I think every sore bottom deserves the cold glass at least once. It really felt amazing.

  4. That complete surrender..feels so good and is so beautiful. Have to remember that great cool down method...
    hugs abby

    1. Abby- there is a quote I keep running past that I think you would very much like...something about that complete surrender being so freeing. Nothing to plan, fix or decide. Just allowed to feel. It really was beautiful.
      XOXO Pearl

    2. You are right that does talk to me...I remember the first time Master tied me to the bed....He asked how it felt and i said...freeing....hugs abby

  5. Cold glass - what a wonderful ending :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks ship. I cannot stay quiet very well like you =) but releasing my clenched muscles and just letting go, being led....beautiful is a great description. XOXO

  7. Wow Pearl, you surrendered magnificently! The love you two share shines brightly through in your writing, it seems so clear to me as if I saw the whole scene personally.

    Hope your hot/cool bottom has recovered!

    1. Thank you SO much sublove! We really do love each other a great deal.

      And the surrender, there are so many levels of giving ourselves over isn't there? There is always an even level of surrender (and the content pride/joy that comes with it) but in those moments when the trust and bond is so palpable that your only decision is to place yourself into the complete care of your Owner...those are the moments where I find a calm strength that is life changing. My Man recently wrote me a note stating "gaining strength from serving another is the greatest form of LOVE". I could not agree more.
      XOXO Pearl