Monday, January 11, 2016

The "D" word.

I have never said much of anything on the topic, as I'm not sure I have a real opinion either way.  The word, however, has come out of my mouth twice now during play time.  Sure, I've said it in our vanilla life- very often in fact.  But, during sexy time!?


The first time was shortly after he read my hateful un-posted post.  I was in full clit orgasm denial and being punishingly teased and denyed.  I begged him, over and over to PLEASE use the little clit pump on me.  Not to cum- just to have some relief (like that really mattered- but I thought it did at the time).

Please babe!  Please!



Over and over, the answer was

Then, it came out.......

Please, Daddy!


It was not acknowledged, there was no change of pace.


I am not against calling him "Daddy", but that is a title that requires some discussion.  Maybe in the same way it would be good for him to know that calling me a "cum hungry whore with holes that are only good for fucking" does not gross me out or offend me, quite the opposite actually.  Having him call me that is a loving reminder that of all the fuck-holes on Earth, he chooses to fuck MY three fuck holes...and a proper "Thank you" would include opening wide when he says so.  (Now I'm wet. Damn it.)

The second time was more purposeful... He said he had been thinking about what he wanted to be referred to as, and how he wanted to refer to himself when taking to me.  As in...

Your {insert title here} wants you to shave your pussy.


Don't specifically speak to him.

I sheepishly add...

i like calling you "Daddy". i just don't know if it creeps you out.

It doesn't creep me out.  
He answers, as he continues to slam his fingers into me.

And there you have it.  No title settled on but the "D" words is out in the open.

I have been searching names and titles for the Domly one in the house but nothing really sounds respectful, fitting and unique.  Many of the suggested titles are too bedroom play or scene based.  Nothing wrong with calling him "King" as long as we're dressed up for the occasion.  I can't take many of those titles seriously for the day to day.

Not sure if "Daddy" does anything for him...


  1. Hi Pearl, this made me smile :) I have called Rick Daddy for some time now and we both love it. For us it's a reminder of our roles and a great way to remain connected. Actually, with everything that has been going on lately I realise I haven't called him Daddy in a while. Time to start again perhaps :)


    1. Glad I could help revitalise your dynamic =)

      I feel the same way you do- it is a reminder of our roles. In vanilla life I say it with absolute respect and love- it just rolls off the tongue!

  2. "Daddy" was a hard one for me in the beginning. But we go through stages. There is no one term I use. If he is in "strict" mode, Master or Sir is likely to easily roll out. But when he's being softer, then Daddy seems to come more naturally. But to be honest, none of them were easy to say for a long time.


    1. "Sir" is my most common. In vanilla and private. "Master" is slightly awkward. But again, so many titles make this seem like play and this is anything but.... Maybe I need to lighten up!!