Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The swing of things.

Finally finishing my projects I text my Man, who is just downstairs, that I'm ready to eat. I roll my eyes as I wait for him to offer me "something to eat".

He doesn't.
He says he will come up.

And, I continue to wait.

I text him again and ask him to bring something up for me when he comes up (partially as a reminder that I'm still waiting).
He says he will come up.

And, I continue to wait.

Finally I go downstairs to him. He is in his recliner, feet up, no intention of leaving any time soon.  I ask if he's ready. He says yes and gets up. Comes over to me and plants soft kisses and bites on my lips and my neck.  Hands wander. And, I am softened.

With my shirt and bra removed I am led to the post. Face to the wood, he is rubbing, touching, and undoing my pants.

My mind wanders to a mental snap shot of what is in the basement.  Cords, plastic hangers, I think the drum stick is still down here somewhere, our play box is down here....

I don't remember if I felt his hand or the hanger first but he settled in on the hanger for quite a while.

Then the flogger came out.

Each sensation blended into the next.

He reminds me that He knows what I need. Yes.  Yes He does.


I. Need.



  1. Hi Pearl, this sounds awesome, better than him bringing you something to eat :) Happy for you!


  2. I agree, hunger does come in many forms. And it looks like he is really giving you what you need. Ty has been kind off lately, but he is coming back to taking care of me.

    1. Now if consistency would show up, we would be set! =)

  3. So.... you have a play box too?! I should have known. I'm learning so much from you. Just threw a hanger in our toy box. :) Amy