Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Domestic life *with an unexpected update

As my Man finds his Dom footing he is spending this dreary rainy day in the garage- crafting a paddle. Our first paddle. And I am little Suzie homemaker. Cleaning house.  Domestic life.

He has made an Etsy purchase.  A ring fit for for a sub. His sub.  He has been tracking it's delivery like it's the last bottle of water left on Earth.  It's actually rather cute.

He is finding His footing.  Neither of us is perfect- this is real life. Real emotions. Real trust.

My part in this?

To remember that He is working out how HE wants to lead.

To remember that my service is WITHOUT condition.

To serve without spite, timetable, or reservation.

To build Him up through ALL the trial and errors.

I didn't have this post written and published longer than an hour when my Man came into the house.

Go into the room.

His intense eyes reflecting so much strength.  I comply.  Although I cannot see the paddle in his hand, I am certain he brought it in with him.  I stand to the side with my eyes down.

Stand here and bend over the bed.

I walk over to the end of our bed and lean over. The log frame is perfect bend over height, something we both noticed as soon as we put the bed in.  I lower my torso flat and lay my head on my hands.  Waiting. Pants up (thank God).

The warning rub of the paddle is very short lived.  My right cheek is introduced to the wollop of the paddle first.  Holy good God this paddle covered a lot of ass in one strike! Right then left. Up higher then to the sit spots. Over and over. He is very eager and my ass is on fire! I break out in a bit of a sweat.

It feels like fire/deep/stinging/intense/remorseful/relief.

Then it stops.

I wait for a short time then get up to see where he went.  He is right back in the room as I lean up and I see his beautiful paddle. It is actually beautiful.  I mention how shocked I am that he finished so quickly.  He mentions that it needs to be stained and then puts his hand on my back and pushes me back flat to the bed.

Back down again.

This time my pants and underwear are pulled down.  I am curious how red my ass looks. I am curious how that makes him feel.  He starts again, left and right, higher and lower.  These swats start out strong then lesson a bit.  He even paddles down my thighs a bit.  My ass is thankful for some lighter swats but already misses the breathtaking full swings he gives.  At some point he talks out loud,

Two hands? SWAT¡!  
Or, one hand?  SWAT!¡

I have no idea if this was a question to me or not but it very much felt like he was thinking out loud as he test drove his handy work on my behind.

The paddling stops once more and he lays the paddle across my bare exposed lower back/hips.  And, he is gone again. I have no idea of the expectations or plan. I just know not to move and not to let that paddle fall to the floor.  I lay panting bent over the end of the bed.  Waiting.

He returns again and the paddle is lifted from it's perch.  He swats at my pussy, urging me to spread my legs.  I comply.  Small swats end as he places the paddle wedged between my thighs so the flat paddle end is horizontal to the ground.  Again, I don't know the expectation or the plan but I know not to let it fall.

His fingers dive deep into me and I instantly count off my orgasms.

One!         Two..!!!

Over and over.

I am a panting shaking mess and I am nervously aware that I may be dripping onto his new paddle.  He takes several more out of me as he adds more fingers, going deeper and harder.

His fingers stop and the paddle is taken from my legs.  I am floating as he pulls me up a bit.  I turn to him and he is rubbing my wetness all over one side of the paddle blade.

You stained this side.  I'll stain the other.

Side note....Again, how do I ever wonder if he is IN this with me!?!?

He then lays back on the bed, pulls his pants off of his straining cock and places the paddle on his chest.

Come on. 
An invite and expectation I know well.

I bend over the side of our bed to take him in my mouth.  Holy shit he is hard.  I devour him as best as my foggy head will let me, then I am overcome.  A wave runs through me as a muffled yell attempts to escape my mouth.  I cum.  He follows along shortly after.

As I stand up, cum waiting in my mouth (I now only swallow after he gives me permission to), he puts the wet side of the paddle to my mouth and gives me a look.  Fully aware of what he wants this time, I spit out his cum onto the paddle.

Rub it in.

I comply.  I rub HIS cum over my cum stain.

He talks about putting it away to dry to get ready for actual wood stain.  I think I mumble an incoherent,


I can already see this paddle bringing in the discipline we have talked about.  My ass hasn't been this sore in a LONG time and my head hasn't been this clear either. There is harmony in our home.


  1. Great to hear there is harmony in your home. And thanks for sharing that hot scene. Sounds like he is getting very good in his Dom role and meeting all of your needs.

    1. FD, he is getting very good and I am so proud of him for knowing he was off and needs time to get back on track, to get U/us both on track. There is such a harmony in all we do, I am sure you feel it with your good girl as well!

  2. Wow Pearl, this is awesome, and so freakin hot! Smiling for you :) I'm glad you both seem to be growing in your roles and that there is harmony. Love that he made the paddle and how it lol.


    1. He made a great paddle! The harmony is such a calm feeling- I am thankful!

  3. DAMN WOMAN!! JUST DAMN!! I don't even know what to say except WOW!!!!! Yay to paddles and harmony:)


    1. You're making me blush now =)

      I love paddles......and harmony! A lot.

  4. love love love your post. amazing introduction on the importance of remembering why we do this and then into the fun!!! love it :P

    1. Hi Haley!! Welcome! And thank you VERY much for the lovely comment. Part 2 happened so quickly after the original post (part 1) that I felt it had to just be added/updated. I hope to see you here more! Do you blog??

  5. Printed this out.... left it on Eric's pillow.... nice!


    1. Wow.

      From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope he likes the post too =)

  6. wow shows how much he loves you making the paddle and what a way to christen it . Very hot!