Friday, October 23, 2015

Moving forward by going back.

I was thinking of you while I was in the basement today.

The basement is the place my Man chooses when he wants my full "attention".  So, I knew he must have had some very Dom thoughts.

What were you thinking?

That I want to buy you some jewelry.

What kind of jewelry?

A ring.  

Really? What kind of ring?

A sub ring.  Well, I want to engrave the inside but I know my wife likes to take her rings off and sometimes forgets to put them back on.... So I can't have it say "Submissive".  

I am tearing up at this point.  But all I can say is...


I was looking up how to say " slave " or "submissive" in other languages. 

I love that idea.  And, I love when you think of me in the basement.


  1. Oh Pearl, I love this, and what a wonderful idea! :)


  2. Pearl! I'm so jealous!!

    The basement means something for us too :)

  3. Hi Pearl. I love the idea of saying submissive in another language so only you two know the secret!

    1. Welcome to my blog Minelle! That is His exact plan- something for just us to know. I was floored at His suggestion and very excited to see what is decided on.
      XOXO Pearl