Friday, July 17, 2015

Missing my Man and blogland

It feels like a month since I last found time to connect in blogland!  Maybe it has!?

A little away time- a girl's trip.  Honestly, never my favorite activity if it involves being away from my Man.  He is home, holding down the fort.  Literally I think as we have strong storms rolling through.  I can't help but wonder if I calm him as much as he calms me?  Then I remember, I NEED the calm. Maybe I give him the crazy his life was in need of?

I am NOT suffering though- trust me on this!!  Who knew waiting to book our hotel until the day prior would pay off?  I really didn't wait on purpose, the town I wanted to stay in was booked solid for weeks prior and I was trying until the last day in hopes of not taking "no" for an answer......and oh worked!!!!

We are atop a hill overlooking the waterway in a private home (cheaper than the local booked hotels, I assume because it was the last minute =}  Yay me!!

All is well in our corner.  Much to blog- however- I am spending my free time as disconnected from electronics as much as possible this summer.

I do miss my bloggy friends and I hope you are all finding some time to disconnect!  But just like me---- come back soon and tell us all about your adventures!!!

P.S.  a drumstick can be an effective reminder tool for a wife is isn't showing her love of service.  Especially if you ask her if she "likes" serving you and she mistakenly answers "yes".  After about 5 sets of 20-30 each I finally remembered "I LOVE SERVING YOU, SIR!".