Monday, June 22, 2015

Away for the night.

My Man will be away from us tonight.  NOT my favorite thing at all!

I texted him that I had an odd request:

I wanted you to cum in my towel for me to sleep with tonight?
Not happy to sleep without you =(

His reply:
I'll see what I can do.

When I came home there was just enough time for a kiss and goodbyes.
He asks me to come into the closet.

Here, I did you one better. 
He says as he opens up his drawer and pulls out a tightly folded pair of my underwear.

The lovely Man came into the crotch of my underwear!


  1. I love it! Being apart sucks. Hope you have a lovely reunion :)


    1. I am such a girl- I have no interest in sleeping alone!!

  2. Oh wow! That is AWESOME!! Love how you two are keeping things fun and exciting.

    1. The effort is worth it! And, for the record, I liked his idea on where to leave me that little gift much more than my idea.

  3. That's awesome. Did you sleep with them like you would've with the towel?

    1. I would have slept on my towel but his idea was fantastic as our kids like to have a sleepover with me if Daddy is gone and I would have either had to say "no" or not slept with my towel. This way I had Him close to me with my underwear on and STILL was a good mama!

  4. Replies
    1. I was so excited when he showed me the underwear Crysania! Made me really feel okay about him leaving for the night.

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!!
      XOXO Pearl