Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day one.

We are spring cleaning.

A few weeks focused on clearing out the cobwebs of my submission.  Dusting off his belt.   Our D/s commitments to be the focus, boosted to a level we have never practiced.

I'm a little nervous that this might fizzle out on His part before the spring cleaning is done- it is so very difficult to put all your trust in one place.  So stupid of a feeling to even have when that trust is in a place of amazing safety.  He is the reason I can breath.  He will decide when spring cleaning is truly completed.  I am excited for the opportunity to be pushed in ways He feels will unlock my beauty.  I am expecting the unexpected.  I am opening my heart to all He will bring out.

Sunday and Wednesday will be scheduled maintenance.  Expectations will be at an all time high.
Mother's Day is ending, this will kick off our spring cleaning.  Will He remember?  Should I say anything?

As I am sitting on the floor next to Him, it begins.

Go upstairs and put the dog to bed.  Take a shower and come back down.

yes, sir.

When I come back downstairs, shaved and washed clean, I am led to my knees in front of Him as He is sits on the couch.  He brings my head and upper body close into Him, like a hug.  My clothes are on.  Slowly He begins to swing the belt all over my backside.  I have a moment between each swing to breath such slow cleansing breaths.  His foot slides between my knees on the floor and pushes them apart.  I am kneeling in a deep straddle, making my pussy vulnerable to His maintenance.  I am so very thankful He is willing to take me this far.  The maintenance is deliberate and intense and I don't spend one second on flinching or moaning, I just breath in and out and release every piece of negative energy that prevents me from being, me.  I surrender.

He continues my maintenance after pulling my pants down to my knees.  He continues to belt me after directing me to stand before Him.  Facing Him, then away.  He moves to my breasts and nipples as my hands stay obediently behind my back.  Having my nipples belted over and over slowly pushes my walls down and I am whimpering.  Again, I am eternally grateful that my Man has decided to take me here.

I am eventually allowed to savor His delicious cock and He gives me a reward of warm sweet cum to swallow.

Up to bed and into the bedroom I am shaking and in a subbie world that only my Man exists in.  He remarks on how maintenance in the basement then going to bed may just be the new way to go for us. 

I whimper.

He raises up His arm and I instinctively know to softly draw my finger nails up and down His skin.

Good girl.

Soft sobs leave my chest as He tightens the reigns on His girl even more.

In this state I have unmitigated joy at the thought that there is someone on this earth who will go the lengths HE goes to for U/us, for me.  I have no idea what these next few weeks will bring, but my heart is open and I am ready to push my selfish intents aside and make Him proud to have me as His sub/wife.  If that means He goes back to limited restrictions and the strict control is too much for His comfort level then I will be ready to push my selfish intents aside and allow HIM to find His footing as the leader in our home.  I need to remember that very often the limits that are pushed are not the ones I expected.


  1. This was lovely...i hope the spring cleaning carries well on it to the rest of the year :)

    1. Sorry it took me a while to comment back!

      Thank you so much tori- I hope this carries us a long way as well.
      XOXO Pearl

  2. Wow Pearl, this was lovely. Wishing you the best with the spring cleaning and hope it brings many benefits :)


    1. XOXO Thank you Roz!

      It is really an adventure. My Man is finding his Dominant sea legs, that's for sure!! He has always overall took control but this has been such a strong change for us both- He is really letting nothing slide.

      Always seeing you here means a lot to me Roz, thanks!!

  3. I wish you both the best. This was such a great post!!

    1. Thanks lg!

      My stomach does flips every time I think of where we are at right now. I am way outside my level of comfort- but oddly right at ease with everything. We are lucky girls aren't we?!