Friday, March 20, 2015

Note to self:

1.  Shave the undercarriage everyday.

Down with His face between my legs telling me that I will be coming in His mouth tonight, He stops suddenly.

Why didn't you shave?

I am removed and entranced.   

What?!        Wh......What?!          I don't know.

Go back in the shower and shave your pussy.  I don't want it prickley. 

And so ends my cumming in His mouth for the night.  


lawn mower tattoo - I've always loved this one! It's been a fav since the mid 90's. Gotta have it... maybe next year.

THIS IS NOT ME!  However, when I typed in "shaved" and "pussy" about 50 pic's of bald cats came up.  Oh, and the photo above.  It seriously made me laugh out loud and I just had to share it!!


  1. That is a seriously funny picture! Thanks for sharing, lol.
    So if you are going to be shaving each and every day, maybe you can share how best to not get razor burn. :)

    1. So, the shaving every day......

      I notice that my best results are actually to shave every other day- it limits the irritation. I always shave at the end of my shower when all the bits are wet and warm. I have tried "no bump bikini zone shave cream", don't waste your money, I got more bumps when I used that!! I use regular old sensitive skin shave cream. I have also tried "bikini zone" razors- again- HORRIBLE results! I was tore up and miserable. I swear by Bic Silky Touch razors. I never shave against the hair (although I always do the opposite on my legs).

      I really get very few, if any, bumps or razor burn. I do think that over time all the parts are just used to it too.

      Subhub shaves daily as required by his Mistress K and he once told me that he uses oil prior to putting on his shave cream. I tried this and although I like the feel very much, I was a little unsure on daily oiling of my lady parts. We need to breath down there and I didn't want to risk a secondary irritation/infection. But again, the oil was very NICE!!

      Good luck and let me know what you find works =)

      XOXO Pearl

  2. lol - I couldn't see the mower until I brought up the piccie on the monitor, instead of my pokey tablet. I was curious about bald cats and decided you must have an adult filter on - my search filled the screen with naked women. Good job the kids weren't in the room!

    1. So, I should have prefaced that I was using Pinterest to search! It really did have a bunch of naked cats- I promise!! He-he!!

  3. LoL Pearl, awesome pic and your comment about searching for a pic cracked me up.


    1. I LOVED this pic!! Every time I see it I crack up!!!