Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I LOVE Q&A!! Ask away....

March is question month!  

Bring me your best- I love how some questions make me really think deep and some just make me giggle.  I will be surfing your blog right back with questions of my own!!


  1. Hi Pearl,

    Have you and you husband always had ttwd relationship? If not, what led you to it? (Sorry if you have already covered this)

    If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?

    Is there an implement you haven't tried yet and would like to?


    1. Good morning Roz!
      So, no, we have not always had a ttwd relationship. In fact when we were married, I am certain I would not say "obey" and when we bought our house I pushed our realtor to put my name first on the mortgage and she wouldn't, I was floored and pissed. My Man let me to it- I was a force of nature back then! I am still a force of nature, but I finally realized that I didn't have to fight my Man or top him, we are on the same side. I am also in the camp of 50 Shades changing my life. We were definitely kink long before but I just never had a "name" to who I was and what we were doing. I also never knew that it wasn't just us and our smutty little ways =) silly, I know.

      If I could vacation anywhere??? Hmmm...I have so many answers but truly, I would love to go back to this North Carolina beach house we went to last year. This time, with just my Man. It's in the middle of nowhere, on a beach, outdoor shower only slightly covered....I think the owner is for sure kink, there were a million hooks all over (perfect for chaining a sub to)!!

      Implement we haven't tried and would like to. Easy-peasy. A crop!

      Thanks for the questions Roz!!

      Now, I know you can't post often so how about you? Same questions. And, if there was one "do over" you could use in your life, what would it be for

  2. Hi Pearl ............ Oh boy !

    Is there a sexual activity that you really want to do/have done to you that hasn't been?

    If you were required to have sex with someone other than your husband, who would it be? It can be more than one person.

    If you were given $100K, and were required to spend it on anything you want other than necessities (food, shelter, electricity .... etc.), what would you do?

    Great to see you sister. Looking forward to your answers.


    1. Always good to see you, my friend!

      Sexual activity I want that hasn't been done? I don't have a single activity that I can think of right this second but I have always wanted to have a full weekend away as his slave/sub. Total power exchange for the entire time away where no one knows us and there is no concern on being judged if I don't speak to my friend at the store because I don't have permission to. speak. Eating and peeing only when he allows, and of course being at his service however he may want.

      WOW, this next question goes for it! Nice SHIP! Required to have sex with someone other than my husband, who would it be? I have no specific person in mind and (I have to say it) if STD's/pregnancy we of no concern or risk I would seriously love to eat my Man's cum from another woman. LOVE this question!!

      $100K spent on anything but necessities? You really did have to specify that with me! I am very practical and I really don't make purchases for "wants" other than vacations. I am minimal with my material life- it's just not important to me. That being said, I would travel. Oh yes, and I would buy a Jeep Wrangler! I have always wanted one =)

      Thanks for the fun questions!! My life is finally freed up a bit and I will be visiting more often. Also, I sent your Mistress K an email a while back but now that it's question month I am going to post a question for her on your blog =)

  3. How did you come up with your blog name? Is it easier to submit during sex or during the regular day? And would you ever consider having a third in a sex scene?