Monday, March 2, 2015


What a sad total compared to January!

What reasons could I give?
-February is a short month.
-I got one hell of a period for a full week (Depo has kept that away for months!)
-life= busy

March is sure to be a better month, right?! 
We shall see. For now, I am still busy as hell and need to run. 

I need to catch up on my reading once things slow down a bit.  It sounds like the blogger photo issue is maybe NOT an issue?????  Is that true??


  1. At the seems to have done an about face.

    Hope March is a more "plentiful" month:)


    1. Thanks for the update!

      And, I do too! My career was taking a very front seat during these past 4 months or so and this week is the culmination of all that time "away". Each piece is panning out successfully and after this week I will be able to go back to being HIS.

      How do you balance your work and service to Heron?

    2. That's a really good question Pearl and I am so glad you asked. I actually think my reply could be rather long. Do you mind if I answer in a post? I am going to launch my March Q&A today and that can be my first "official" question:)

    3. I would very much appreciate it!!

      This is truly an area I struggle with. There is a lot of vanilla explanation behind it that I really don't share on the blog but ultimately my career is an enormous part of who I am and who W/we are and I struggle on how to be both of me all the time. It is not for me to answer that he tighten the reigns or not but I am always looking to have my actions match the service and love I have in my heart.

      Thank you again, lg. Your evolution to who you are for Heron is such an amazing story to follow. Your service to your marriage is admirable! And, I would be full of crap if I didn't mention that it's a rather HOT read as well!!

    4. Pearl...I can't even begin to tell you how kind that is of you to say. I'm really speechless:) Thank you xx

      So I do have a couple of questions I've been mulling over to help maybe frame the answer to your question. Are you in a position of authority at work? And is your struggle mainly in transitioning between work life and home life?

    5. Just wanted to let you know I had posted in answer to your question. Didn't want you to miss it.

  2. The "Google" issue is most certainly much ado about nothing. Other than revealing the direction wishes to go, no new restrictions are in place.

    I too wish you a more plentiful (love that word ... thanks lg) month and for months to come.

  3. Hi Pearl, I too wish you a more 'plentiful' March :) Although that number doesn't seem too bad to me lol.

    It does appear Google have done a u turn on their policy.


    1. RIGHT!? Not a bad number at all! The part that bothers me is that I know how much my Man wants to build to more each month and I was completely unable to make myself available for him to do that.

      I am such a damn girl sometimes. When my plate is full and life is unbalanced I really struggle on righting the ship so to speak.

  4. Seems like a pretty good number to me too Pearl, but here's to more in March!

    1. We shall see! I think that because I know that he can give me 10 in a night on a "normal" night, I just feel that the number represents a lot of missed nights together.