Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Re: My silly attempt at requesting maintenance, my "Pre-Post" and punishment *holy shit!*

My request for maintenance might have come out something to the effect of:

Is it time for bed yet? 
*insert long pause*
This ass isn't going to spank itself you know.

Now, not only was I an amazing coward in telling my Man that I NEEDED maintenance but we do have a humor about us and, as I learned later, he knew what I was saying/asking.

My Man delivered my maintenance spankings all over my backside with the blind tilt.
Intense, needed and amazing.

I didn't finish my dishes as I should have (reasons I could explain but a non-issue really).
He decided to allow me to cum anyway.

Three times.  ONLY three.
One for each task I am to do each day this week.
I counted, as always.

I was allowed one more, as I didn't cum as good as he expected.
He wanted my cum on his hand, I did not deliver.
He teased me until I was ready to burst.
Then, I did.

Number 4.  Very fitting as he added a 4th task this week (swallowing his cum each day).

Something else happened too.  The order of spanking events are a little lot fuzzy but the fact that they occurred at all is just crazy to me.

I requested more maintenance as we were in the middle of our play time (first maintenance was over).

He started on my front side.

Turn over.
I comply.

He continues on my back side.

At some point, I am requested to face the wall.
Face on the bed.
Ass in the air.
Spread my bottom cheeks for him.

And he spanks.
ALL over.
My soft parts are on fire.  Amazing, AMAZING fire.

Then, onto my belly laying flat.  He places my hands at the small of my back.
He starts in on my ass and my sit spots.
Hard focused strokes from the blind tilt, over and over.
Same spot, new spot, same spot again.
Very little let up in between. 

His hand moves over my mouth. He leans in close to my ear.

I don't want you to forget I was here tomorrow.  
I want you to sit and remember that you WILL NOT be forgetting the dishes again.

Then it started.  

My first punishment spanking. *holy shit!*

This post is already so long winded that I am going to write a new post on my punishment spanking and my reaction to it. 


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    1. Julia- it was so needed!

      I am really working on my behavior during our busy vanilla time and for him to acknowledge (and decide to correct) the fact that my focus was far from where it needed to be is just amazing to me. Thank you for your comments! I'm always happy to see you in blog-land!
      XOXO Pearl