Thursday, December 4, 2014

To Julia, Roz, and Blondie: Answers from my Man (better late than never??)

Julia at asked my Man:

Do you think you would feel comfortable meeting other couples who live this type of lifestyle? 

Julia......strangers?  no i wouldn't be comfortable.....but if it were someone we care about to begin with, and found out that they are into this lifestyle, that would be fine, but meeting others that we don't know...i don't think so...

Roz at asked my Man:

What is the biggest change you have noticed both in yourself and in Pearl since ttwd?
*I have to say quick that my Man read your question Roz and then asked me, what is "ttwd"?  =) XOXO Pearl*

Roz...I just had to ask what ttwd was....i don't know about this stuff....biggest change I have noticed in my wonderful wife is that she feels free....she doesn't seem so bottled a weight was lifted....and for me the biggest change was for me to be more accountable to us as a couple and to keep us on task....

Blondie at asked my Man:

Do you have your own rules that you follow?  Would you be willing to meet other people who share this lifestyle?  Is this something you think about and try to better on a regular basis? i have my own rules....sure...we have certain days where she can request anything, instead of me being the one who always other people...probably not.....if we were they would have to be very trusted......and is what something i think about?  rules? meeting other people? TTWD?  just learned that.... i am always trying to be a better for me as well as my bride....

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  1. Many thanks to your man for answering our questions. I enjoyed reading his answers. I love his answer to my question :)