Monday, December 29, 2014

Until next year...

A little something for my blogger friends...

A wish for truth in the new year.

A wish for humor.

A wish for serenity.

And, a wish for some VERY sexy time in the new year.

HAPPY 2015!

XOXO, Pearl

Monday, December 22, 2014

A tale of a toasty bottom submissive...

She drapes her arms over His body.  Slow breaths leaving her.
Long, slow strokes worshiping every inch He has.

She is allowed four tools, used how He chooses.

The first, a pink g-spot vibrator.

On your knees.
She is drunk on submission, her eyes half open.
She kneels next to him and spreads her legs.  Following commands.

Her body has no choices. No decisions. No control.
He fucks her in just the right spot.

She is trained.
She cries out as the first rush of cum flows down the vibrator.
Her body is not her own.
She is trained.

Each orgasm stealing her breath and her consciousness.

This is the exchange of power.  The very moment that He takes over and I surrender.
There are no limits.

The pretty pink flogger is next.
Such a welcome sound of rope meeting owned flesh.

He directs her every move.
Suck on me.
Now. Turn around and fuck me.

He lays on His back, being serviced.
As His pussy takes Him in, all the way, He clarifies His ownership.
The flogger reigns down with little restraint.  He gives her so much.  This property of His.

There is no room for question, there is no room for doubt, there is no room for stray thoughts.
I am His.  Every. Fucking. Inch.

Number three are the clothes pins.
On her knees, she props her breasts in her hands as an offer to Him.
He is quickly pinching and pulls her first nipple.  This property He loves wants clothes pins, she will get the clothes pins.  Each pinch releases a squeal.  He adorns the breasts He owns over and over lining up the little wooden reminders of ownership.

Now. Dance little puppet.

Suck on me.

She gasps in pain as her breasts move against the restriction of pinched skin.  Gasping, pouting, sucking, worshiping.  Each piece needed for complete surrender.

She is trained.
Pain is no reason to stop sucking, I know better.

Tool number four is an easy choice.  More spanking, please.  The long plastic shoe horn.
She kneels on the floor, facing the couch, bent over.
Her ass is up for the offering.

He drums in a rhythm she can make no pattern of.
She has no formed thoughts.
She only comes back when He focuses His strikes the same tender spot, over and over.
He peppers in a deep strong smack from His hand.  She comes to with a yell.

I am good and toasted and very, very submissive.

Friday, December 19, 2014


I promise to catch up on your blogs but I have a few little minutes before the kiddos appear and I need to get some things out.

We are talking.  One long check-in session occurring over the past few days.

He talked about maintenance.  This Man of mine who had to ask me what "TTWD" meant in a blog question just a few short weeks ago.

He talked about schedules.

I laughed and said, We don't have to schedule it.  

He lectured that the whole point of maintenance is consistency.
Once a week, for now.

I started to cry.

But first, I told him that if I start to cry, nothing is wrong.

I am not sad.

I am thankful.

And then, we had our first day of maintenance.

Today is a good day.

Monday, December 15, 2014

I am not alone.

We are not perfect.
Very far from it in fact.

We have love.
We are IN love.

He has been researching.
I had no idea.

How to be a better leader.  
How to help me better surrender.

I had NO idea.

Friday, December 12, 2014


I have little to post yet so much to say.

Our house is full of black and white.  No color for us.  
I am tired.

Saatchi Online Artist: Patrick Palmer, United Kingdom: Crying Lightly

Not since our commitment to our D/s roles have we been so NOT U/us.  
I don't want to slip to where we were, although we seem to be there.

No spankings.  
I crave spankings as though I need them to function clearly.  I DO need them to function clearly.  
I am bound up tighter when I have NOT been bound up at all.
cindersk:  Within these chainsThat You have Bound meMy soul hasFound it wingsTo soar throughThe infinite skies And finallyI am truly free.

Lack of connection causes distance.  
Distance causes a loss of communication and hurt feelings.  
I will not speak to His struggle.  But, I know that having a wife like me is not easy.

What dreams may come. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Accountability, for BIG and small. Discussion in the day time.

Circumstances beyond our control always seem to butt into our perfectly happy dynamic.  Work is most often that one little annoying factor that prevents us from being U/us.

Work takes over.
Exhaustion sets in.
R/roles are passively ignored.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I mentioned to my Man that maybe we needed "a day".  You know, A-DAY.
A day.
To re-connect.
To re-focus.
A day where my ass is so red and stripey that I can no longer passively ignore O/our roles in our home.

He says that I have been good.
He says that this whole past week I have been respectful and good with him, with the kids, all of it.

I droop in my seat.

In his eyes, yes, I have been a good wife.  But in my eyes, I am in no way holding up my end of THIS dynamic.  I am skating through by just not being an outright asshole.  No more, no less.  I am average (something that has never sat well with me).  He feels that good enough is good enough right now.  I disagree.  I want him to expect more of me and of U/us.

There is no need to argue.
Is there?

Sometimes maybe good enough really is good enough?

If you have it, recognize that it's a condition, not a healthy mindset you should feed.  Recognizing it is the first step.
Does feeling that "good enough" is NOT good enough really mean that I am atelophobic!?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

To Julia, Roz, and Blondie: Answers from my Man (better late than never??)

Julia at asked my Man:

Do you think you would feel comfortable meeting other couples who live this type of lifestyle? 

Julia......strangers?  no i wouldn't be comfortable.....but if it were someone we care about to begin with, and found out that they are into this lifestyle, that would be fine, but meeting others that we don't know...i don't think so...

Roz at asked my Man:

What is the biggest change you have noticed both in yourself and in Pearl since ttwd?
*I have to say quick that my Man read your question Roz and then asked me, what is "ttwd"?  =) XOXO Pearl*

Roz...I just had to ask what ttwd was....i don't know about this stuff....biggest change I have noticed in my wonderful wife is that she feels free....she doesn't seem so bottled a weight was lifted....and for me the biggest change was for me to be more accountable to us as a couple and to keep us on task....

Blondie at asked my Man:

Do you have your own rules that you follow?  Would you be willing to meet other people who share this lifestyle?  Is this something you think about and try to better on a regular basis? i have my own rules....sure...we have certain days where she can request anything, instead of me being the one who always other people...probably not.....if we were they would have to be very trusted......and is what something i think about?  rules? meeting other people? TTWD?  just learned that.... i am always trying to be a better for me as well as my bride....