Thursday, November 27, 2014


handprint yes!!!!!! 
Nope, this isn't me.  But I would sure love to have this cute of a bottom with that hand print right there!

This reminded me of the painted hand print turkeys.
Now our turkey hand prints aren't so much made of paint....just some pain =)  And, they are SO MUCH MORE FUN TO MAKE!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ONE year. ONE hundred posts.

My blog-iversary.  One year.
(To be exact, one year + one day, I'm late by a day- darn life butting in!)

It started with this one journal entry turned first blog post.

Our life was in such a vulnerable spot.  I was in such a vulnerable spot.
I needed an outlet.

I needed somewhere I could be.
All of me.

I opened up my journal.  And, there it was.  Written a few months prior but still so raw and so US. Nothing else I would have written could have explained us better.  Nothing else would convey the utter sense of loss I felt during that time.  Nothing else could describe the loving Man I married as he embraced who we were searching to become.

I edited out our personal names.
Hit "publish".
And instantly wanted to take it back.

A reply.  From the blogger who personally encouraged me.
It meant more than I can say.

Another reply.  And, another.  From bloggers who didn't know me.

YOU ALL saw me and didn't turn away.
You didn't laugh.
You didn't judge.

You listened.  You commented.  You invited me into your blog-lives.  All year.  Unbelievable.

I am so very proud of who we are as a couple.  I am ashamed of NOTHING.  Having a place where like minded people are here to listen and share has been amazing.

My Man and I are more than sex.
I hope all of you have seen that.  I hope that I have conveyed that.

It can't be ignored though (and I don't ever want to ignore) that a large part of who we are does in fact include how we connect sexually.  As Pearl, in blogland, I can talk about anal sex and bondage just as easily as I can talk about forgetting to do the dishes or not bringing my towel to bed.  And you all seem to understand that the common thread in each post is my love for my Husband (and my struggle with doing those damn little things).

I am not a pervert (well, I am. But you catch my drift) I am HIS wife.  And yes, fucking my husband until we both collapse is just as important as giving him my respect or finishing a chore I have agreed to finish.

One year.  One hundred posts.


**I look forward to writing a post on my attempt at a 24hour blow-job-a-thon after LOL days (spoiler alert, my Man put a stop to it at #5....mentioned something about feeling like ground beef?)

**I look forward to earning that damn toy I have been waiting for (and finally telling you all what it is and how much I LOVE IT)

**I look forward to learning more from all of you on how to be a better happily surrendered and submissive wife.

**I look forward to finishing the posts with my Man on the questions some of you had for him.

**I look forward to SO MUCH MORE!!!!**

Monday, November 24, 2014

Playing nurse.

I am giggling today....

My Man will need to learn how to give me my depo shot in the rear.  His "spanking stick" has left a few marks on me and there would sure be a conversation if I dropped my drawers for anyone else to do it!

First, I may show him this chart!! =)

Intramuscular Injection Sites This squidoo is to show you sites on the human body to inject into the muscle. Which is Intramuscular Injection....

Raymond Lobato~she might give you high blood pressure!

I will drop my drawers and bend over for him.  Just as I am always happy to do!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

i love my lurkers!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love my lurkers!!

Here's the thing, I truly do love my lurkers because I too lurked here and there around blogland for a while before I mustered up the nerve and came out.

It was this time last year.  

All this talk from bloggers on how much they love to hear from new people, how bloggers stick together, and how much they learn from each other.  

I was

I found the blogger that "spoke" to me, Conina.  She didn't post too often at that point but I had made the decision that the next time she posted, I would comment.  And, I did.  Then I emailed her and my whole world changed.  She gave me the courage to put my (O/our) story out there.  

I found THE most amazing community who shares in what my Man and I believe in.  Yes, we all have our own personal versions, but my blogger friends are open and supportive to This Thing WE Do.


I am forever grateful that I came out of my lurking.


Said "Hello".

So, HELLO to you, my lurker-friend.  

I am so glad you have found me here!  If you have been lurking even for a little while, you know how much all the comments and blogger-friendships mean to me.  TAKE this time to be brave and say a "Hello!"  If not to me, then to another blogger who "speaks" to you!!!  There are so many amazing blogger friends to choose from!!

It seems tradition to offer up a proper "THANK YOU" for each new lurker commenting.  

1 new lurker comment = 1 amazing mouth hug (aka-blow job) for my Man.

Now, if you are a reader here, you know that it is NO stretch for me. 

HOWEVER, I am willing to fit them all in one 24 hour period (so long as it does not kill my sweet husband!)

Comment away my lurkers!  This will be a surprise for him so please don't let my Man down =)

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Dominant bracelet?

We Try Pavlok, a Motivational Device That Shocks You When You Mess Up

A wrist bracelet that tracks your every movement and then shocks you when you are doing an undesirable activity?!

I have a feeling that this is the scarlet letter I've been looking for!

WHO else would wear this bracelet?!  
Only a sub =)

WHO the hell would buy this bracelet?! 
Only an owner FOR his/her sub =)

 Christmas is coming......