Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bucket list. Of the KINK variety.

I started this post many months ago....funny to read now and see where we are in checking these off.  My new thoughts are in RED =)

I am learning so much about myself and my kinks (still VERY true). We have always had a fun measure of kink together but we just continue to elevate our experiences and play time.  There is still so much more I would love to do!  I often wonder if my Husband knew what he was in for when we met as teenagers.  (Oh, I bet he did, and that is why he put up with my shit for so long!)

Top 10 kinks I would love to try......

10.  Punishment.  Being held throat deep on his cock, gagging or not, for being rude or questioning him.  Having him tie me down for a punishment spanking, making me count, telling me why I have earned each swat.  Being held to task for my actions.  Then the comfort after, connected and loving.  Still on my bucket list.  The activities I can cross off, but not related to the intent of punishment/consequence.

Side note: My Man was flicking my nipple over and over VERY hard one night and I kept my arms up and whined and squirmed, it felt like a punishment, it was VERY intense and focused.  I even asked if this was for punishment or pleasure.  He said punishment.  I asked, 'why?'.  He said 'I don't need a reason'.  No, he doesn't and I love that.  When we talked later, however, it was really just what he wanted to do and not punishment per say.   Situations like this happen frequently.  Intense spanking concentrated on one main spot, all in the name of fun!  OUCH!  Punishment appeals to me a great deal.  To care enough to expect more, and follow through when it doesn't occur, is a very loving act for a submissive to experience I think.

9.  Threesome.  We have decided to call her a 'unicorn'.  Every circumstance would have to be perfect for this to ever happen and the chances are little that we would ever find the right person.  But, we still believe in unicorns!  We had an opportunity a very long time ago and I backed out.  I figured I would rather regret NOT doing it than us regret having done it and have it ruin us.  In a world with no repercussions, this is still a kink I would love for us to try.  Can I "ditto" myself!? 

8.  Sex slave.  On a small scale we have dabbled in this.  We continue to dabble in this...  The kink I have in mind entails me being tied up for an entire day of full objectification.  I want to be pushed to the edge, to be fucked, slapped, and whipped.  I want to earn water and be denied food.  I want to pee when I'm allowed.  I want to serve my Master perfectly and be trained for that perfection.  I want to be pushed to the edge physically and emotionally.  I want his strength to be the only thing that keeps me going.  As I vaguely alluded to in this post, we did have an extended session of slavery recently.  It was truly amazing.  My wrists were restrained in my leather cuffs stretched out like a "T" to each end of our homemade spreader bar secured to a large wooden vertical beam in our basement.  I was also secured to the vertical beam with my beautiful pink rope, tits pressed hard into the wood.  I was used, paddled/whipped, came into, then left.  The sounds of my Man moving about upstairs LITERALLY could have made me cum if I had permission.  Turning on the TV, sitting on the couch, stopping in the kitchen, going into the I was dripping, shaking, and dazed, drunk on sexual slavery.  My nipples were clamped with an attached chain around the pole.  Do I even care why serving my Man no matter how bad it hurts makes me feel like a best little subbie wife in the world?!  When he came back down to work me over more my body was BEGGING for anything he would offer.  He spanked hard and fucked me rough.  The pain as my nipples pulled against the clamps secured around the pole was beyond intense.  Predicament bondage, one of my favorites!  I sobbed and moaned uncontrollably.  DO YOU WANT MORE?  I know this was my Man's way of offering me reprieve and checking in on my limits, and I love him for that.  That is the reason I have never had to use my safeword.  He is present and aware, and I begged for more.  The fact that he only fucked my ass that day made me feel even more objectified, and it was true perfection!  When he released me, I collapsed in a little ball at his feet.  I felt like his beloved little pet.  So needy, so spent.  There's further we could go with this, and I cannot wait for more!

7.  Caned.  We don't own a cane but my Man was searching for a whip at one point, WTF!?  I think I may get him a cane for Christmas (appropriate right?!)  Any suggestions on an effective =) cane?

6. Food control.  My Man recently announced that I would be losing some weight as he would be initiating control over my eating habits and making my plates for me.  Please understand, we are truly fully comfortable with each other and he is the absolute definition of unconditional love.  He loves every inch of me, even the extra ones.  He knows I am looking to become more healthful and he also knows how much I crave his control and direction.  I was teary eyed as I said, Yes, thank you.  He is in the phase of figuring out how to take this control in the context of our vanilla life.  Any tips my Dom readers??  

5. This is where my original post left off.  I have more to add, but I will leave the last 5 for a different post!

Thanks for reading =)


  1. I did some research on canes awhile back. What I found is you want to stay away from the "bamboo" sticks and wooden dowels at craft stores, but there are lots of different materials you can look at online. Aurora's (Not Your Everyday Fairy Tale) husband uses one of those sticks from blinds that opens and closes them. We went to a hardware store and bought a wooden dowel ('cause they are not the same at craft stores) for a couple bucks -Daddy wrapped a leather strip around the bottom for a handle- it has held up quiet nice. If we were serious cane users I would probably be looking at Lexan...

    1. Every time I read Aurora/Phillip's blog I am bummed that we got rid of all of our blinds =) Such a creative little stick! Thank you for your suggestions!!

  2. well I had formulated lots of thoughtful comments and then I read #8 and my brain has now melted and dribbled out of my ears. just... wow.

    1. Trust me when I say that my brain melted and dribbled out of MY ears the day #8 all happened! And, thank you!

  3. We are so much alike. We don't have a cane but a narrow, very narrow stick. A "unicorn" is still talked about here but we may choose another male. You are lucky about #8, that is something we both want to do but never have the time to make it happen. Can't wait for the rest of your answers

    1. B, That is one of the reasons I love your blog and I love your comments here. We seem to have a great deal of things in common and it always sounds so familiar to me =)

      The "unicorn", my Man is a quick NO to another male- darn it! But how fitting for YOUR search to call him a unicorn!!!

      Oh, for the love of GOD, #8. It was absolutely intense! Our main time for all we do is during the day while kiddos are at school and we are both home! Summer time is always VERY tricky!

      Thanks for your comments B!

  4. Wow! That's some bucket list! LoL. No 8 ... just wow :)


    1. I figure, it's a bucket list, reach for the sky right?!
      Thanks Roz!!

  5. 1. # 8 !!!!!!!! Some warning will be nice next time you post something so intense. For example ; " need of panties to be changed may occur "
    2. For punishment He uses the cane part of the crop. Woven leather. Its firm and the texture burns. Beautiful markings. (You can see it in my blog )
    3. Every day i get a text on what to eat during the day, plus a list chores.
    A few days a go i asked if he could add a physical activity. He did :-)

    Can't wait for the rest of that yammy list!!

    1. #1. subkitty- for you, I will start up a "need of panties to be changed may occur" warning =) LOVE it!!!
      #2. We actually don't have a crop! Just when I think we have done it all, I am reminded that we have really just tipped the iceberg.
      #3. So terrific for you!!! Getting something new (task/request/rule) really is exciting for me too, it really lets me know that I have been on the right track and he feels I can take on more. Thank you for sharing too- I like the text each day.

  6. Holy smokes Pearl, that is so hot. I think I will ask Mistress K if we can create our own bucket list. I agree with the others ...... #8 - wow! #9 is also something wow. Mistress and I had a chance for a threesome once before too, before we were a FLM couple. We both agreed not to do it, mostly because it was with someone we knew very well and it was the alcohol talking mostly that night.

    I guess for me, on a bucket list I might get to put together, it would be a genuine punishment spanking being witnessed by younger FemDomme wannabe's that had come to my beloved Mistress K. for guidance. Yeah ............

    1. Well, thank you! And I LOVE the idea of bucket lists too =) I started this post MONTHS ago and finally pulled it out for some fine tuning!

      I can't wait to hear what you and your Mistress K come up with!!

  7. Love these too, but oh my gosh! That is really hot!

    We had a blind tilt wand for a cane but got a lexan cane last winter. Only got to use it once or twice before I got sick. Although the whoosh sound of the cane is scarier, I swear the blind tilt wand hurts more (but shhh don't tell They both sure are quiet and effective and leave quite the marks (which is my favorite part). Nothing like seeing those and feeling owned.

    Because of all my heath crap, he took over my diet and exercise. He started having me use My Fitness Pal to track my diet and exercise because it tracks a lot of the calories and nutrition info. It also tells you how many calories you have to eat if you want to lose weight or maintain, etc. I have to log it in through out the day and he goes in and checks on it. I pretty much know what I'm allowed eat and have to ask permission for other things if I'm not sure. Recently he got us both fitbits too and he's monitoring how many steps I take a day as well, although it's driving me crazy because half the time I forget to put it on until I get a text from him at work asking why I'm not doing

    Really loved reading all these. Thanks again for sharing!!!


    1. I think about the blind tilt idea OFTEN! My Man has given me the go ahead to find a quiet implement (could I possible make these words jump up and down like my insides are doing right now!?) I have no idea if I will go with a real cane or just a more domestic household item. Decisions decisions!

      Thank you for the idea of the My Fitness Pal, I just told my Man about that so we'll see!

      P.S. Those marks, oh my. What is it about them that really puts us in the right head space?!