Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bucket list check off?

I think I can say yes!

My Man agreed that I should find a quiet spanking implement for when he wants to spank me but we are not home alone.  Yes, I could have been patient and ordered something online but I took a suggestion from Aurora and found my own cane at home!  Phillip & Aurora have used a the stick that turns blinds open/closed (a blind tilt).  My Man actually suggested the blind tilt too =) I say great minds think alike!

He gave it a test run a few nights ago.
Mmmmmmm. I liked it.

Today, he gave it me a work over.

Stand up and bend over the couch.
I comply.

I think I found something.  
He tries out what I learned later was a drumstick on my behind.  Way too hard, thuddy and deep.  We talked back a forth on how his technique changes felt.  Not too bad, but not my favorite.

Maybe we won't use this one.
Then he changed to the blind tilt.


Alternating hard strikes with quick taps to many hard strikes in a row.  I placed my hands on my sit spot at one point.

He secured my hands together in front of me.  Down I go.  Floating in a slow breathy fog.

At one point, I stood up from the couch back as my ass was feeling the strikes of fire.

Lay back down or it's going to get worse.  He says as he continues on the same spot until I lower back down.

He directs me to stand up and move away from the kitchen doorway.  Our kitchen window is eye level and you can't really see in but my man sees someone outside and does not want me to be seen.  Makes sense.  And, I am thankful for the break on by bottom.  He moves to my breasts while we wait.

He directs me back to the couch and restarts.  Shortly after he says, Uh-oh. 
I shoot up and move over thinking that someone is back outside.

No, I think I made you bleed.  He softly rubs my ass.

You scared me!  I resume my position bent over the couch back.

It doesn't bother you that I made you bleed.

I think for a moment.  Not because I am unsure of my answer, but because each time a new piece of our lifestyle is uncovered it can be frightening.

Not particularly, no.

He slowly rubs my ass then canes my ass, sit spots, and thighs.  Over and over.  There is an inexplicable mix of searing pain and no pain at all.  Absolutely the most exhilarating sensations ever.  My Man is so good with this new spanking implement.  I. LOVE. IT.

After, he directs me to the shower to wash him.

You've asked me before if I like doing this to you?  
He grabs my hand and directs me to his cock.  He is bigger than ever, hard and engorged.  Only from this spanking, no touching or sexy talking, none.

I want him in my mouth.  No, not until you wash me.  We wash each other.  Then I get my treat.

A few things to note:

**The welts and stripes on my bottom are just delicious.  As I say that, it sounds absurd.  There is just no way around it, I love how sensitive each stripe is.  I love how my underwear crosses past one large welt and gives me a constant reminder of where HE has been.  I love each raised spot that aches when I rub over it.  Oh my, I am in love with how my Man used that damn blind tilt!

**When I washed my lady parts, my hand slid through the slickest spot ever.  I was not just wet, I was absolutely lubricated and ready.  I giggled because I KNEW I loved it!

Thank you all for your questions for my Man, by the way!  He is slowly answering them and I will be posting them!!!!


  1. Oh my PK! Your tolerance must be much higher than mine!!! Jordan uses the tilt wand, we refer to it as "twister", for punishments. I have a very hard time tolerating it. My tolereance is always lower during discipline but that thing hurts. A few times when Ive been very naughty or defiant he has left the stripes you speak of and I have to agree they are a lovely reminder of Jordan's love and protection:) Very quiet but can also be extremely painful. Good luck with it!

    1. Hi LR!
      We do not do punishments but I hear frequently how the fact that it is for punishment REALLY changes the sub's tolerance. My Man does spankings as part of our play time and for role affirmation. He knows how much I benefit from spankings- so they work for us!

      Do you guys do play spankings as well??

    2. Yes we do do erotic spankings too. No tilt wand!

  2. Holy smokes Pearl ............ You have an amazing threshold for pain. Maybe some day Mistress will train me in that direction, but i don't know.

    What an incredebily sexy story.



    1. LOVE the nick-name!! SHIP =)
      I never put thought to having a high threshold for pain. I had our babies w/o pain meds but that was more about purpose and intent for me.

      But, I am also the girl who needs Novocain for dental cleanings! I can be a total sissy!!

      And, I think trying out the blind tilt (or a real cane) would be beneficial for you both. She could deliver punishment even with little ears around, it is TRULY a quiet implement- now YOU keeping quiet will be the trick!

      As always......thank you!

  3. I'm so glad that you got to experience the joy of the tilt wand (aka "Spanking Stick")! They are quiet and yet get the point across oh so well! A tip to your man: Keep a spare handy...once in a great while the ass wins the battle!


    1. Phillip, you made my husband laugh!! He LOVED your tip. He, in fact, found our very own "Spanking Stick" now and the household one is back on the blinds where it belongs =) Does that count as having a spare?!


  4. Wow Pearl, you must have a high tolerance. Sounds like you both had a wonderful time :) we have a plastic pole, actually off the end of a cat toy lol. It hurts like hell and I imagine feels similar to a tilt wand.


    1. I really think I should clarify that I could not even find the spot he felt that he made my skin bleed on. A scrape at best I think. But the welts- ya, they were there and I loved them.

  5. I have stopped suggesting or coming up with implements. Last time I did, it was worse than worse. When we had one of our check in times, I pulled that implement off of the table. I have never done that before or since. So, now I keep my imagination to myself.