Sunday, September 14, 2014

Searching for the scarlet letter...

Everywhere we go, I people watch.  Just a little bit.

People watching inevitably leads me to wondering, "Are any of these couples D/s couples?"  For lack of wanting to list all the lifestyle possibilities, you all know what I mean.  One leading, one following.  Ownership/service....all in the name of deeper love.

It's not that I have nothing to talk about in the vanilla world, but I have so much more to relate to in the D/s world.

How freeing would it be to talk and be open with who we are, fully?

How freeing would it be for others to see him look at me, and for them to know that I have better and that I am expected to DO better?

How freeing would it be to respond "Yes, Sir" to him and to have others know that HE owns me and all that I am?

Our D/s dynamic is forefront in my mind most all of the time.  I often wish that the others of us out there who felt the same and understand where we are, had some sort of a little tell sign.

Do me a favor bloggers, start wearing your scarlet letters so I know who you are!  =)


  1. I agree! It would be so nice to have at least a friend or two we could be truely ourselves in front of...

    1. Someone who knows who you are and encourages you would be a nice start.

      I loved your latest post Brooke =) very happy for you!!

  2. I'm totally with you. It would be so great to have someone in RL who we can truly be ourselves with and who we can talk to. I would love to be able to meet a blog friend face to face.


  3. Pearl, you have posted on something that Mistress K. and I have talked about a lot lately. I know exactly what you mean when people watching and wondering. If Mistress has me wearing a butt plug, I'll look around (sometimes in crowded places) and wonder who else is wearing one, or wearing some other gesture of submission/devotion to another.

    I have expressed to Mistress K. that I wish that we did have like-minded people to talk visit with from time to time. Not meaning play partners, but other "normal" people like us that share the same dynamic. Like Roz says, I think it would be great to meet some of my favorite blog friends for a cup of coffee. Also, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it would also appeal to the erotic aspect of being ourselves in front of others, whatever Mistress would decide that should or should not entail.

    Thank you for raising the topic Pearl.

    1. I look for submissive gestures in others so often!! It's amazing how little regard some couples have for each other. I no longer linger on those couples, they do nothing for me.

      I have no idea how I look (we look) to others but all I know is that I feel different when we are together. Where I used to rush and stress, I now feel calm and purposeful. I am not in a race to win, I am in service to the most amazing man I know. My pace, is his pace. (As I type this, he comments how calm I look in this moment. I tell him that I am writing about just that- how calm I feel when I am with him.)

      Meeting up with others in the dynamic and not as play partners, exactly. Being all that my Man desires me to be is erotic to us as well, that can't be avoided (we don't WANT to avoid that!).

      And, how terrific would that cup of coffee be Jay?! To meet your beloved and you to meet mine. I am sure that we would both be nothing and everything we expected of each other!!