Friday, September 19, 2014

All work and no play makes Pearl a dull girl.

Good thing for me, my Man has NO intent on letting me go dull for long!

I thought I saw him cast his eyes to the floor momentarily after catching my eye.  
I turned my head questioningly to the side as if to ask "You want me on the floor?"

We stared at each other, silently.


I am waiting for my wife to service me.


Down to my knees I go....

Rule #1.  Shirt off when I serve.
Shirt comes off.

I want my wife naked.

Do you want me to shower?

I want you naked.

All of my clothes come off.  And, I do what it is that I do best.  

I SERVE.  With all my heart.  I. SERVE!

I get one strong smack on my butt cheek.  

A Thank You if you will.


  1. That's lovely Pearl. Poor thing. What kind of work has you such a dull girl?

    1. Being that you responded to my KNOW what kind of work has me such a dull girl, silly boy! Work-work, home-work and feeling like my head is in fog, darn cold, can all sure make a girl feel D U L L!

  2. This sounds wonderful Pearl. Dull no longer !:)


    1. Roz, those sparks of color in my day are SO VERY needed!!
      XOXO Pearl

  3. What is truly amazing is that i spent two days before you made this post going around saying " All work and no play makes...."
    When I showed your post to His , his reaction was "WTF ?! "
    Now i truly know I'm in a good company Pearl !

    1. =) AWESOME!!!! You always make me laugh =)
      Now let your His know that all good subbies think alike!!!! And, that he should keep his subkitty very VERY un-dull (if that is even a word!).
      XOXO Pearl