Friday, August 29, 2014

"Switch" the comedy.

His back is sore.  He has a huge knot near his shoulder blade.  As I rub deep with my elbow his breathing changes, a bit like the panting I do during a spanking.

I see my window....and I start to fuck with him!

Now see baby, this hurts.  You know when I tell you that I need you to talk to me?  It's because I KNOW you can take more for me baby.   You just need to hear me.  

At this point he starts to snort/laugh, as my elbow in his knot is still taking his breath away. 

That's it.  Oh, fuck ya.  
I am talking in my best greasy porn star voice.

We are now both snort/laughing.

Relax baby, that's right.  You are so fucking hot.  You know how much you need this.  You KNOW how good this feels.  Give it to me.

I even finished with, WHO's YOUR MAMA?

To which he replied his real mom's name...and we both laughed so damn loud and so damn hard that I am sure we woke the kids up!!


  1. Lol, nicely done!
    Hope his shoulder is feeling better too. :D

    1. =) Thanks Julia!
      His shoulder is a bit of a constant issue. He had surgery last year and between rehab and just normal everyday life he gets pretty sore.