Monday, August 18, 2014

Check in

During check in time last night (for any readers who are new or just plain don't know, we do "check in" times when we need to touch base and stay on track as D/s) my Man reminds me of all that is expected of me this week.
My brain WELCOMES this!  There is no information overload to worry about, I need this clear reminder, this boundary, and the limits HE provides.  My tasks from him are the same but I need the structure of his check in time to stay connected.

-My work.
-Our children.
-Personal journal/blog time.
-HIS time.
He accounts for all that I have coming up this week.

Dishes.  He says.

Every night.  I reply.

I may change that to what you did tonight, it looked great.  
He is referring to my (almost) full cleaning of the entire kitchen.

Yes, sir.  Thank you.  
And, I mean that with all my heart.  My belly literally flips with excitement.  During our big talk, I blogged about prior, he was very clear that the reason he would NOT be adding any tasks/rules is because I was not respectful enough to do what he had asked prior with any consistency.  I have changed my focus and I am serving HIS needs.  Adding more means I am FINALLY doing it well!!

And, you will be going to sleep every night with my cum down your throat.  If you want me anywhere else, that's fine too, you will clean him off if you have to because I'm cumming down your throat.

Yes, sir.

This is who I fall asleep with each night and who I wake up to every morning.  Knowing that at the end of each day, whatever crazy schedule I will keep, EVERY day this week will end with his cum in my mouth is AMAZING!  I need that consistent reminder of who I belong to and who I am in our home.  I NEED to be his.

I am his LOVE.
I am his sub.
I am his wife.
And, yes, I am his mouth to fuck.  
I am his personal whore.  His personal whore who is LUCKY enough to be marked every night as his.  Oh- my dreams will be naughty!


  1. Ok I'm glad it's just not me something about a little nighttime snack can send a girl to bed completely satisfied ❤️.. You speak my language :) ~ s

    1. lils, YOU are so very right! It is not just you.

      Last night (through consequence of my own lack of orgasm control when he required it of me) I almost lost my "nighttime snack" tonight. I earned a "good girl" and the privilege again tonight! I am VERY thankful!!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. OK, I'm all like hard and stuff now!

    1. Hang on to that boner Jay! I don't have time to write a post now but my Man is bringing out the good girl in me, I am so very thankful that he is putting in so much effort.