Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blogging in bed...

I have never had the pleasure of blogging in bed next to my Man.  A girl could get used to this!

My Man was reading through my last post, his response was that what happened was WAY funnier than I wrote.  He's right, it was.  I forgot how I was thumping him in the ass with my knee like I was railing him from behind.  I couldn't possibly remember, and write, the entire ridiculous exchange.  But, it was FUNNY.

Then, he read the post just prior.  And, his response is what it has been after he reads other intense posts I write.

Who is THAT guy?!

Now this question makes me laugh and raise my eyebrows.

Did any of this NOT happen?

Nope, it happened.  I don't know who that guy doing that to you is though.  I'm not that smooth.  He's good!

I'm a girl.  I over analyze.  I think.  I re-think.  But, when I write about one of our play times, I just write.  His actions, my response.  I don't see if he fumbles with the cuffs as he places them on me.  I hear the cuffs and I'm in heat.  I don't see him rummaging through the toy box to find what to use next.  I hear every delicious toy slide, clink, and scrape against each other.  And, I get wet.  He doesn't talk throughout our play time, but what he does say.  HOLY shit.  Can you tell that I am very turned on by listening to all that is going on.  He is that smooth and he is THAT good.  I know that he can't feel it the way I do but he just doesn't hear it the way I do either.


  1. Hi Pearl, I found you! I'm sorry it has taken me so long. Just wanted to say hi :) It's funny the different perspectives each of us have isn't it. Rick has said the same to me on occasion. "Who was that guy"? LoL


    1. Hi there Roz!! NO worries at all, glad to see you here.
      XOXO Pearl