Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vacation. Starts. NOW.

I have had a big decision to make, career wise.  
Do I go for MORE?  
Do I go for GREAT?  

In my heart, I know that I always try to choose the rough rocky path, the path less traveled.  I am hardwired to EARN every crumb I get.  It fills me to know that I have what I have because of my efforts. 

Taking this on at this point in our life and my career would further put me down the path of being a better "worker" than Mom and wife.  My goal is to be a GREAT Mom and a GREAT wife.  FIRST.   I am proud of who I am.  Who our children are growing up to know.  I am GREAT at what I do!

I choose, no.  I don't have to create a more difficult path, I have chosen a difficult one already.  I am challenged every single day in my career, and when I come home, what matters to them is that I am Mom and wife.  Not the other.

How appropriate…I am sitting on the deck, in the sun, the rest of our house is asleep, and the calendar on my phone alerts….."Pearl not knockin the lights out, starts today.”



  1. What a wonderful pot Pearl. Congratulations. Finding the true source of pride in something YOU want is incredible. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Thank you so much Jay. It really was a difficult decision for me to pass this opportunity up but I realized it was not an opportunity I wanted.

    And, we really did have a nice trip =)
    XOXO Pearl