Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Submissives and Why We Surrender.

Submissives and why we surrender
This is BY FAR my favorite search title on my "Traffic Sources" history......EVER.

Yes, my blog is filled with details of our sex life.
True, I don't hold very much back.

But...I DO have a purpose.  Everything I share is shared to chronicle our ups and downs.
I work to express my own thoughts as to why I surrender.   I came to blogging with similar searches looking for answers and looking for a place to call my own.

A submissive in need of a like minded community-
finding this blog-
with that search-

Absolutely Terrific!!!


  1. I hear ya "sister" .... Like you, I am a submissive in need of a like-minded community. So glad to be associated with you. Love your blog. Love your words and appreciate you look at mine. One of things I like about you, aside from the obvious gender difference, we seem to be very much alike as subs.

    Rock on sister.

    1. You KNOW the feeling is mutual! I have a great amount of respect for your thoughts on my blog and on your blog in general. And as usual, I agree with you =) we do have seem to have similar sub styles...not always perfect....but perfectly in love with our D's
      XOXO Pearl

  2. Most searches that come through for my blog have been about specific terms, nothing as broad or as wonderful as that. Maybe that's because a lot of people who search are doing so from the sexual POV, rather than seeing the spiritual side of submission.

    Either way, I hope the blogs of those of us who share our lives this way help illuminate the minds of those who come in serach of them


    1. Hey there Flip, Welcome!!
      Now I would be a huge hypocrite if I didn't say that I too came to this community with the searches similar to "Sexually Submissive Wife".

      My first "submissive wife" searches yielded church groups and sermons. Although I am religious, I in NO way identify with the guilt and judgement associated with the sexual component of our D/s lifestyle. What I wanted, then and now, was a community who served their partner NOT out of biblical duty but out of true chosen LOVE. There is such a huge spiritual side to submission, I agree, and I too am so happy to have found that reflected in the blogs I read (and hopefully I reflect that in mine as well!).

      Thanks again Flip for your comment!
      XOXO Pearl