Monday, July 7, 2014

And so it goes.....

So much of what we do and what we feel is lost in translation.  Literally.  How we communicate as partners; man/woman, husband/wife, Dom/sub (what ever your titles may be) is so unique to each of us.  We have innate tendencies, learned behaviors, and choice to contend with.

How is it that some relationships can flourish and others spiral to a bitter end?

You commit to love.  You commit to a relationship that is based on GIVING love and not taking.  When you both have a commitment to GIVE love you are not focused on what you may or may not have received.  You feel truly grateful to have what you do and each day opens with a new opportunity to love.  You share in your partners victories, because you have GIVEN them all they needed to achieve their goal.  You focus on how you can better love your partner.  Is your partner deserving of your GIVING love?  No, they are deserving of MORE!

What do you do when one of you fails to GIVE?

You wake up fresh.  And, you start GIVING again tomorrow.
Kushandwizdom - There is power in knowledge
I am thankful to be GIVEN love every day.  
I am even more thankful that I have someone to GIVE my love to.  


  1. Beautiful post Pearl. Like you, I am so appreciative of the fact that I live my life marinated in love. I truly do love my wife and am in constant awe knowing that she was willing and excited to accept my submission. I genuinely feel the same type and amount of love form her in return. There is not better way to live your life.

    Love how you love!

    1. There is NO better way to live your life! You are so right.

      "Marinated in love" I truly feel this way every day. It's so important when life throws you the curve balls to know that you are both all in together.

      XOXO Pearl

  2. Pearl, this has been my inner monologue lately. If I am not given to, I will give anyway. To do any less is selfish. We should not give only in order to receive. If we only give to get, we need to sit down and examine our motivation.

    1. I would say that this is normally my inner monologue too.....

      Sadly, this time, it is written more so as a thank you to My Man. I have hit my own limit of being withdrawn and shitty during my cycle. I think in general terms I have improved as my focus on my submission has improved but I do everything through gritted teeth. That is no way to love. My Man has even commented more than once that he feels as though I do not even like him during those times. I am heartbroken.

      Thank you for your supportive comments Brooke, it really means a lot that you take the time to check in with me here!

      XOXO Pearl