Monday, June 2, 2014

Good girl

We have a few stolen minutes. A quick moment to discuss this turning point we have reached.  This Thing That WE do is evolving and changing and we need the check in.

The initial requests he had of me were almost chosen for a test run of sorts.
When it all started, we needed to know....
Does He want this?  Do I want this?  Can a relationship change this drastically after this long?  Can a great relationship get better?  Does it need to get better?

So many questions.

I had the courage to ask him to try.
He had the strength to say, yes.

I am reduced to tears as I tell him how very much I love him.
How very much my heart has grown to serve HIM.
And now.  We.  Need.  More.

We now know that this IS for us and we NEED more.   Now that we are both committed to being more than man and wife, my submission needs to match what is important to HIM.   Now that we are committed to being more than man and wife, His leadership needs to mach what is important to me.  My Man and HIS wife need new boundaries, new requests, and new commitment.


You were such a good girl today.

You can have two more for all your hard work.
Thank you....

Deeper, I want you all the way down when you cum.
Yes, Sir.

To be fair.  I cried Thank you to my Man more times than I can recall.  I trusted him enough to peek out of my cave (thank you mc kitten) and there he was, waiting to welcome me home.  I respect and love my Man more than I could ever accurately express in this blog.  Even when I struggle, He is strong.  I am loved.


  1. I can relate. We are in the same spot right now.
    It's wonderful isn't it?

    1. I must say that I am so thankful during each up AND down of this life we choose to live. The low points are that way because we KNOW we have more for each other and struggle as we search for how to get there.

      Our intent to each other is so much more with D/s. It is WONDERFUL!

  2. aw, you're more than welcome!


    what a lovely post xx

    1. mk
      'Hiding in my cave' made sense to me. You saw me. Thank you.

      And, thank you for reminding me that it's ok to hide sometimes. I was really beating myself up for it. We are setting up some important changes to address my most difficult times. No decisions are made yet, but I will update with what is decided and how it goes.

      This blog is therapy....and I love all my therapists!!
      XOXO Pearl

  3. Hi Pearl! So happy for you!

    1. BROOKE!!!!!!!! So good to see you =)
      Are you peaking in or launching a come-back?! As you can and downs just like always. Hope you're doing well.
      XOXO Pearl

    2. I am back. I took down the old blog a month or so ago and walked away. Took some time to regroup. But I missed everyone (especially you) too much and so I am under a new address. So glad all is going well for you. Hugs!

    3. I noticed it was gone right away. =(

      I am so happy to see you back- very selfish- but I am!! Let me know if you decide to blog again. Come on by ANY TIME!!! My email is on here too if you want.

    4. I am definitely blogging again. Just needed a break and a reframing. But I think I will take you up on emailing you. Missed you, girl!