Monday, June 16, 2014

A spanking by any other name.......

Would have got me a darn spanking!!

We had the discussion.  A short, abbreviated, quick before the kids come back in- kind of discussion.
For all my complexity, my Man is quite black&white.

How can something you ENJOY so much be a punishment?!  It wouldn't work.

He has a valid point.  However, like I said, I am complex =)  Spankings give me release, a release I just plain need.  My complexity tells me that what we call the spankings is just semantics.   Funny thing.  Through my complexity, I find that I need simplicity.

-Role affirmation
Help me bloggers, it's early, yet I know there are a million other names for spankings.....But I loose focus....

The point is that I crave the release only HE can give me.
Spankings test my ability to let go.
They quiet the noise racing in my head.
They release my control.
They remind me of my place.
They focus me.
They test the strength of my submission.
They remind me to trust.
They connect us stronger.
They ease the irrational hormones.
They allow me time to breath.
They free my mind.
They make me feel absolutely beautiful.
They calm me.

I am blogging to a community who understands.  I am so thankful for that!
Any feedback???  I am curious what YOU get from a spanking. Or if you are the spanker, what does it do for you?


  1. oh it's about the intimacy and the connection and the endorphins rush for me, the escape from the world. Like a meditative exercise, it clears away anything extraneous and allows me to concentrate on just one thing, focusing me and calming me... much what you said really!

    Neither of us are really into the idea of punishment but he might give me a spanking if I've been moody and grumpy - because it makes me feel better and helps me to moderate my behaviour better. He's very supportive and helpful, dear man!

    1. "Like a meditative exercise...."
      YES! I could not agree more.

      And, you do have a supportive and helpful dear man =)

  2. I totally understand. We kind of divide ours into three different ones. Fun/scene ones where we do the whole tied up and/or whatever else we want to do. Those are my favorite kind of spankings. Then there is the middle one. It's a hard one to name. Some may call it role affirmations, maintenance, whatever.. We call if the middle one. We do use it to affirm and we do use it for maintenance, especially when I am stressed out or about to enter a stressful time. It is not supposed to be all fun, but it sure relives and relaxes me. And there is always the promised big "O" afterwards. Then there is the punishment. Our attitudes is what really makes this different. He spanks and lectures, I go from feeling bad about myself, guilty,etc, to feeling forgiven by him and forgiven by me. The spanking, between the pain and the fumiliation of being lectured, clears the air. I really don't like those but sometimes they happen. Why I get wet from any kind of spanking, I don't know, guess I am a certifiable spanko. Lol

    1. I like the promise of the big "O" after! Lucky you Ms. Blondie!!!

  3. We don't do punishments, but I recognise all of what you list. The release and calmness, especially if I am stressed. Probably because spanking is tied up with sex for us, intimacy is a key outcome.

    1. Us too. I am fairly positive that we haven't had any spankings w/o sex????? I have to think about that one!

  4. I feel the same way. When I'm wound up tighter than a cork, I crave a spanking to release the stress, frustration, whatever. My man doesn't really believe in a warm up or "good girl" spankings. Pretty much all the ones I get are hard/punishment. Doesn't matter, with the pain comes pleasure.

    1. I am certain that my Man is unaware of 'warm up' spankings. He goes straight away. Part of my not wanting to use our safe word is just that, he goes heavy right away and I don't want it all to stop, I just need some warm up/adjustment time. This life is a work in progress =)

      Welcome to my blog by the way, I'm not too sure I've seen you comment before. If you have....welcome again!!

      XOXO Pearl