Monday, May 5, 2014


My Man does not normally talk to me about what I should blog, however, He/I would like your input.  He has now asked me 3 days in a row if I posted this to all of you!! 

My industrial strength vibrator B R O K E!!!  Okay, maybe it isn't industrial strength but it is a damn good one.  It was a back massager turned clit massager.  Yes, I have g-spot orgasms with little effort but the clit ones are harder to cum/come by so the good massager is our go to.  

I am in need of recommendations.  PLEASE post a comment with any good or bad reviews.  I do not want to get stuck with a lemon!!  

Thanks all!!


  1. My wife loves her hitaachi, once she tried it she would never go back to battery operated.

  2. Hitachi. beginning and end of

  3. hitachi is good but Magic Wand personal massager gives her great orgasms although she can only take the lower setting. you can look at it at


  4. Gotta go with the Hitachi as well. We also got a magic wand knockoff from Brookstone in the mall. Mistress loves hers. Good luck in your search.

  5. Master got me a Magic Wand for Christmas (or maybe it was really for Him?) and this awesome extra cord piece that allows for variable speed...OMG! that sucker rips orgasms from your body one right after another.

  6. Thank you all for your suggestions!!

    Scarlet, I think my Man ordered the same Magic Wand you mentioned =) He ordered it speedy delivery so we should have it tomorrow.

    Let me tell you, tomorrow night all my work will be done and I will meet him in bed, (towel in hand of course) so we can try it out! A full review to follow!!

    Thanks again!! XOXO Pearl

  7. I've recently "overused" we upgraded to a bigger and more powerful three times bigger :)

    looking forward to reading your review on your new toy ;)