Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Magic Wand review....and an unexpected response.

I have to be honest, I think this post may jump around and not make sense for some of you.  For those of you who know me through my probably understand my quirks by now and will follow along just fine! =)


We made our purchase!  We decided on the Magic Wand!  My concerns on it not being a strong vibe were unfounded.  It really packs a punch, so to speak.  My Man was all ready to give me and the wand a test run.  First, I used it on myself while he wandered my body.  I had a clit orgasm rather easily, it was LOVELY!

Round 2 with the wand was a little different.  My Man also purchased a few attachments when he ordered the wand to help with my g-spot/vaginal orgasms.  Sounds fun.  He asked me to put on an attachment and give it a go.  Sounds fun.  I choose the attachment on the right, with the curve.  SOUNDS fun!

Product Details<=========
He continued on with my body as the playground as I inserted the "Curved Devil".  And, without warning, the instant I inserted it, I came.   Cum all over.  I am sure this should have excited me and made me melt.

I assure you.
It. Did. Not.

I don't even understand how the hell to put into words how I felt.  This is the best I can do.

I have never had a g-spot/cumming/vaginal orgasm without my Man being the one to get me there.  I felt like my body absolutely betrayed me.  I felt mortified.  I felt violated.  My cumming orgasms are HIS.  He takes them.  He gives them.  I have no control over them.  This isn't the sub in me talking.  I really have no control, he can make me cum even when I think I can't possibly cum.  I truly felt violated that a stupid piece of vibrating plastic, in my hands, made me cum.  I am sure this sounds absolutely nuts to some of you.  Even as I type this I don't know why my negative reaction was so very strong.  He asked me if I liked it.  NO!  I answered with a tone of disgust.  We talked about my reaction.  He reminded me that there was no reason for it not to have feel good.  He was right there with me.  He wanted me to cum.  Logically, I head what he said.  For some reason my heart wasn't listening very good.

*Just a side note*  Masturbation does not specifically bother me.  I often reach clit orgasm easier when I am the one holding the vibe.  I know that my Man and I have talked about me not wanting to make myself g-spot cum- that's for him.  But, I really did not expect my reaction.


  1. i've felt violated by our magic wand on several occasions. It doesn't bother me to have my orgasms through our toys (because of our long separations, i'm used to that), but i can understand how something new can trigger that type of emotional response; and sometimes they don't make logical sense, but it's our response and we work though it. I have a love-hate relationship with ours. At times, it is wonderful. But when Master is pushing me with it, it can rip orgasms from my body with a force that is painful. Orgasms shouldn't be painful. He's asking if i'd like another and i'm vehemently shaking my head NO! Not really his fault, i tense my body up too much when i cum and the wand makes it worse, i get muscle spasms, lol. i've joked that He could use it as a punishment instead of a reward. We have those same attachments too.

    1. Muscle spasms....OUCH!! That would be punishment for sure.

      The emotional response was very unexpected. I have had clit orgasms on my own PLENTY of times- I touch myself- I explore- but this shocked me.

  2. Yeah. Also I've heard that if you let the vibrator do it often enough, then jus' plain ol' unassisted him will have trouble getting you there. That'd be very sad-making as well.

    I know that when I did use battery-powered toys, I lost quite a lot of sensitivity fairly quickly. Thankfully it came back. :D

    1. I remember seeing that on your blog before, no battery powered toys. For me, that is almost the only way I can have a clit orgasm. It's always been that way. I am not too sure if would change if I took an electric toy break??

      As for g-spot orgasms, well, clearly I couldn't stop those if I tried =) Turns out, I don't want to stop them! I'm still kind of confused by my strong reaction. Damn hormones!

  3. I can understand the emotional response. Even a thought about masturbation without him being there, even if i was granted permission, makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty. And subsequently the orhasm is not the same as if he was present there

    1. Hi subkitty,
      Clit orgasms on my own I'm ok with. Just the damn g-spot/cumming ones I DO NOT want by any other means than him. They were brought out by my surrendering TO him, I just don't want them without that.

      Also, I don't have to ask permission right now. He has told me on occasion that he was going to not allow me to....but that hasn't happened. Yet!

  4. My sub/slut loves and hates the WAND. I get her to cum, and then cum and cum again. It gets so intense with it that she squirts like a flowing river and a geyser. Of course, she's bound to the bondage bench completely exposed. I love using the attachments on her, so enjoy!

    1. Welcome charlie!! Sounds like you would recommend the wand as well =)

      I have grown rather fond of all the attachments at this point, I am happy to report. He uses them well.
      XOXO Pearl

  5. OK….so my Sir wants to get a wand…which one did y'all get and what attachments?