Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Denial.

You don't have your towel?  
He says with disbelief.
You really don't want to cum, do you?

Can I get one please?  I reply with a pant.  We have been here before.  He usually sends me off to grab my towel.

How are you ever going to remember to do what you're supposed to if I don't punish you?  

I can feel his warm words breathing in my ear as his hands wander all over my body....HIS body.  I tell him that I know that I don't have to agree with punishments, but I want him to know that I do and that I understand.

He starts in with naughty and exciting talk about spreading my legs, holding me down, fucking me until I came over and over.  The plans he has for me are just delicious.  Rough.  Exciting.

His hands move off as he rolls away from me.

You could have all of that.  If you would have just brought your towel to bed. 

He loves to make me cum and by not following a small task he asks of me, I am denying him what he wants. I practically beg to go down on him.  I don't want my Man to go without because of my inability to follow a rule.

My feelings are conflicted.  I am disappointed in myself and I know that my Man, my Dom, deserves better submission from me.  He should not have to go without to teach his sub how to do better.  On the other hand, I'm not sure if orgasm denial is supposed to feel this HOT, but it does.  I suppose a punishment is successful when the result is a more purposeful sub who only wants to serve better.


  1. Such a simple rule it seems. :D

  2. You would really think it is wouldn't you!?!? I have joked that I will be keeping a stack in our room so that I never forget. OK....maybe I was not joking!