Friday, April 25, 2014

Well, Fuck me crazy!

I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't there myself.

He told me to count each orgasm out loud.  I counted 50.  

I was sweating, crying, panting, moaning....and giggling.  

The sobbing and giggling intertwined as though they were always meant to go together.

Nothing was funny.  I was out of my mind.

My Man likes to joke that 20 orgasms fucks me stupid.  

I guess 50 orgasms fucks me crazy.


  1. Bravo! I would die. I think I've blocked out the memory of the most i've had at one time. It involved 30 minutes with the magic wand, one right after another, more than 10, but not 50. My body was so sore after.

    1. Scarlet, you're up for air =) I hope that your reunion is going well!!
      Multi clit orgasms with my vib make me very sore (and numb) these were vaginal orgasms. Sopping wet and really wonderful!

  2. What?! How?! Teach me!!!!!
    i can only do one and that's using s wand.....(sigh)....

    1. I should clarify, they were not clit orgasms. They were vaginal/squirting orgasms. I only knew I could have these kind of orgasms when he took over and literally fisted them out of me. Sounds so un-romantic but it was actually so loving when we discovered I could cum for him! Now with time, I can cum so easily and they are what he goes for most often.

      No wand to clit as they are g-spot in nature. This specific time he used multiple dildo/vibrators to fuck me, but normally he uses his fingers (fisting too). Once I start they really can occur over and over as long as he keeps going. If you really want more detail let me know and I can msg you! Check out my post on fisting too, that might help.

    2. I have never had a vaginal orgasm .....
      THANK YOU!

    3. Ohhh subkitty, g-spot orgasms are a lovely little miracle that we are both so happy we found! I wrote that last reply when I was sleeeepy...."fisted them out of me" I sound like such a tramp! =) Well, if the shoe fits I guess.....

      Give me some time, I'm at work for the next few days. I would LOVE to talk to you more about this and see if I can help in any way. I will msg you!

      XOXO Pearl