Thursday, April 17, 2014

A New Revelation.

If you brought D/s to your relationship, 
When did you have the revelation that your partner was doing doing this WITH you and not just FOR you??
 Or, if your partner brought it to you,
When did you know that this was FOR you too?

After my long stretches of work, I feel useless.  I am mentally and physically exhausted.  

We are laying near each other on the couch, me half asleep stretched out laying on my belly, my Man half working on his phone.  We toy with my lack of energy for any amount of 'play time' to be had.

I remind him.  I'm always ready for you babe, I will find the energy.  My eyes are half closed and my body just lays there.  I WILL find the energy....I just haven't quite found it yet.

I am asleep.

My pants are being roughly pulled down to my thighs.  His strong warm hand rubs and squeezes my ass.  MMmmmm.  He starts warming my ass with smacks.  There is something about his hand striking my bare ass that is so intimate.  It really is a lovely way to wake up.  

His warming spanks stop.  I don't move an inch.  I can hear him go into our room.  

For our toy box?  Oh yes.

I don't know care how long this spanking lasted, but it was quite possibly the best one to date!  He alternated my pretty pink flogger with the hard wooden paddle, in rhythm.  Pretty flogger softer to hard then POP with the wooden paddle.  So much build up, so much effort on my Man's part.  He paid special attention to my ass but my back and feet felt the love too!

I am grateful.  He wipes away the strain.  He wipes away the stress.  He brings me back home.  Every single strike is a welcomed gift.  He delivers me to the most confidently surrendered place.  My body melts for him.  

He directs me to turn over.  I am treated to some love and attention on my nipples and breasts.  Wooden paddle in quick, sharp, delicious strikes.  Pretty pink flogger doing the amazing work the flogger does.  Nipple clamps and more breast spanking.  I am squirming.  I am brought to the edge.  I think I am dripping.

I am turned over again.  Nipple clamps with connecting chain in place.  OUCH and YUM!

His strength and Dominance literally makes me feel as though I glow.  I am the most loved s/wife.  I am HIS.  Cherished.  Beautiful.  HIS.  

There is an anal plug used.  One I quickly identify as the 'large' one we have.  I offer my ass to him as best I can.  This is so much to take.  I squirm.  He spanks.  He continues slow and steady.  I offer my ass again, as best I can.  I squirm and yell.  He spanks.  Again, he continues slow and steady with the plug.

Never has so much love and consideration melded with Dominance and strength like they did with my Man in this moment.  He knows my desires, he knows limits, he knows my body.  He knows what we BOTH need.  I continue to squirm and yell out a bratty 'NO' several times.  He confidently continues on.  

When the plug is in I am yelling.

I am yelling out for permission to cum.  

No answer.  He starts to spank me again.  I am crying out for permission.  Over and over.  No answer.

My body is not allowing me to wait.  I will not allow myself to let go and feel it until he says.  He finally gives me permission.  My body and mind follow what my girly parts have already started.  I am cumming FOR my Man. 

The cherry on top is when he sits on the couch in front of me, pants off.

Are you going to suck my dick or am I going to fuck your throat?

Fuck my throat please. 

Being the gentleman he is, he fucks my throat.  Just like I so politely asked.  I gag and cough and open right back up for him.  He continues on, enjoying all of me.  This is such a primal fucking.  We both cum.

Good way to start your time off babe?

Oh God, yes.  Thank you so much.  

I continue to thank him over and over, during clean up, after clean up, during cuddle time.  I am SO thankful.  

Why are you thanking me?  He laughs.

Herein, I have THE REVELATION!

I realize that I have always 'thanked' him for giving me what I need and for welcoming what I brought (D/s) to our relationship.  During that time of him exploring D/s with me (maybe even FOR me) something else even bigger was happening.  He was discovering what HE likes and what HE needs.

HE doesn't just do what I like and need.  HE is doing what he likes and needs!!  The effort and care into all he did was not just for me.  He started our time off the way HE choose to, with me.  

He is finding comfort in his Dominance.  

Yes, I am thankful.  My gratitude is now in it's correct place.  I am thankful that he trusts me enough to explore what HE wants.  From BOTH of us.

There are several 'moments' during the evolution of this lifestyle that leap you into a new revelation.  Some are really big, some are little moments that keep you going.  I truly am thankful for each of those moments!

Whether D/s is new in your relationship or your roles have been long established, what are some of YOUR moments?


  1. weeeee, hoorah! *happy dancing*

    oh, a moment... well, when I realised he had a hard on and all we had been doing was talking about him spanking me, in the kitchen, in broad daylight, and we were fully clothed.

    Then there was that time when he had hard on just from spanking me and we had no time for any fucking or cumming for either of us...

    Both times I was overcome with gratitude that he wasn't JUST doing TTWD for me! Ok, I'm grateful that he does things for me, that he wants to, but to have evidence that it's also for him, that, as you put it, he's doing it WITH me - ooooh yeah! whoop whoop etc!

    1. OK, those are officially awesome moments! I think I may sneak a peak next time he's spanking me....I am so curious if he's hard??!!
      XOXO Pearl

  2. Sounds like he does know what you both need and that is awesome. In the bedroom, I can't remember when we started with the D/s. It started with a few swats, then vibrators, and then continued on. It's the outside of the bedroom that I still struggle with. But, God in the bedroom, our time together sounds a lot like yours. I like to be restrained too sometimes. Just thinking about what I know is coming tonight and then reading your post, well let me tell you, I am a little turned on.
    Oh and the nipple clamps, when you are flipped on your stomach, that is both bad and good. Sometimes we use a sleeping bad (rolled up) so when he flips me over, my boobs are still hanging down and he likes to add weight too.
    Well thanks for sharing. I only have about eight hours before Ty is home and all of the kids are gone. I will be counting the minutes.

  3. Mhh, well that was quite lovely too it sounds like. :D

    Sadly, I can't think of such a moment right now except for when DH went out of his way last night to get dinner even though I had been home all day. He was quite late with it too, but I was just so thankful that he would do that for me.

    1. Big and small moments. Getting dinner on a busy day is a GREAT moment!

  4. Ohhh that's brilliant.

    I keep having that revelation, pretty regularly. Like, I forget about it, and then he reminds me again that hey, he's caught up to me.

    "You were good to me last night," he'll say, while I'm just thinking "wha? I thought that was for me..." :D Awesome stuff. Congratulations!

    1. I am so happy to hear the revelations keep coming!! I think that's what helps keep it alive.
      XOXO Pearl

    2. I'm so happy for you!! It's been almost a year since we started TTWD. All this time I've felt like Jack has just been doing this for me. I mean he's had fun more kinky and frequent sex but I haven't truly felt like he was my Dom. Suddenly, the switch turned on for him. Now he's not only my Dom but the Master I've always wanted. He's doing this for him now (which of course is for me since I have slave tendencies). Sometimes now I almost catch myself telling Jack "No!" when he gives me an order. At these times I'm thinking, :You're not doing it right. I want you to do it this way". Luckily, I've been able to remember my place and even enjoy seeing him evolve.

    3. Diane R/R, WELCOME!! And, Thank You.

      I get what you're saying. The times when he is leading and I find myself wanting it differently it's exciting because that's when I realize how he IS leading- and I love THAT!

      Do you have a blog Diane?? Your name links me to Google +

      XOXO Pearl