Thursday, March 6, 2014

Q&A from Scarlet...and why I follow her blog...

My quick twist as a THANK YOU for the questions is to answer my own question
"Why do I follow your blog?"
Scarlet, your excitement for your Master to return is just plain lovely to read.  You are honest on the difficult times, but I hear over and over from you how excited you are to reunite with Him.  Reading your blog makes ME excited for you....I love that!

Q's from Scarlet, A's from Pearl...

-Is there anything that you would change about your submission? (more of/less of)
I want more rituals (He doesn't like that word- it makes me giggle).  But I want more boundaries and tasks.  They keep me focused and remind me of who I am in our home.

-#1 toy wish list item?
I REALLY think that I would enjoy a hook.  I have long hair and I imagine the yummy fun it would be to have my Man braid my hair into the end, effectively holding the hook (and me) in place!  

- In what way does He dominate you that grabs you the most?
In the bedroom- 

When He talks to me. I love to hear my Man, it keeps me focused. 
Out of the bedroom- 
He bought/made me a pillow for the floor to sit on next to Him at home.  This was such a meaningful act of Dominance.  Not only did he acknowledge my want/need to sit next to him, he made it clear that he wants/needs me there.  Our children know he did this for me "something soft for mama to sit on by daddy".  I can't tell you how much this meant to me.

- Which would be worse for you and why: not being allowed to cum after edging or no sex at all?
This is actually a hard one for me to answer.  I am very interested in edging and being denied for a time, but I cum often and I LOVE it.  I have g-spot orgasms and I will tell you that I feel so congested, full and sore when I don't cum for a while.  BUT, to have no sex of any kind??  That would have to be my choice as the worst.  Having Him in me anywhere can't be beat!!

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  1. My questions :)

    1) What brought you to the blogosphere?
    2) Your most challenging experience since beginning D/s?

    ava x