Friday, March 7, 2014

Q&A from DelFonte......and why I follow her blog......

As a THANK YOU to DelFonte for the question is the answer to my own bonus question.....
"Why do I follow your blog?"

DelFonte, I have found that I love being spanked and paddled and your blogging is so intriguing to me.  The adventures of a spanko are are fun to read! 

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Q: from DelFonte, A: from me!
Do you have any rituals to help with your submission?

I do.  I have tasks I do too, but I think that's a bit different.

This has been hard to answer.  We have worked so hard to get to this point that I feel I really need to say how we came to these rituals.  They are mainly new as we are continue to work through figuring out (and improving) our D/s dynamic.  On work days I wake up a bit early to give my Man a blow job or rub his back.  My focus is on who I am.  Before I leave the house, my Man and I start the day knowing that although I will be unavailable until night, I am His, and He is the reason I do what I do. On non work days I just cuddle him.  Being Mom and Dad is how we start these days.  This is very important to Him and I agree.

The other day we had a check in talk and He acknowledged how I have been saying that I wanted more tasks and how it's important for me to start and end my day serving Him.  His idea was that I end my day telling him what I loved most that day on how He served me/took care of me.  So, now I do! 


  1. Thank you for the bonus question :)
    Starting and ending the day well are very important. Looking forward to hearing more about your tasks/rituals as you progress.

  2. What is your favorite ritual or task and why?

  3. WELCOME Betsy T!!
    Your answer is on the way.....and I will be stopping in by your blog too now =) XOXO Pearl