Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Letter to Brooke, at

As I posted comments are not working right now.  I am happy to make this letter an open post to you however so you know my support.

So nice to know your name first of all.  I notice that when my comments or posts mean a great deal to me I almost sign my 'real' name.  It warmed my heart to see yours.

I want to first start with how very courageous and loving your post was.  What we all want in the end is a loving and passionate marriage, however we can find that.  You, so very clearly, are searching for the same. The allure of D/s can be intoxicating, all encompassing even.  The D/s titles feel liberating- unless/until they confine you.  Navigating such a new path is difficult, even for those traditionally finding themselves in those roles all along I imagine.  As you and I have talked about, my Man and I have found ourselves on the up side and down side of D/s.  Where will we end up?  Where will you and your Husband end up?  I don't think there is an endpoint really for either of us.  When your in it for the long haul, you continue to evolve.  I do wish you and your Husband a loving journey throughout!

If submission is in you, submit.  Not because you are a 'sub' but because that is the best way you feel you can give him love.  Your love for him is clear- how AWESOME!  If you choose to come back to blogland- please stop in and let me know.   Your posts/comments have been such a support to me through my own journey!

Take care,


  1. Pearl,
    Thank you so very much for this. I decided to stay for the few of you (you included) that I feel I have become close to, if that is something you can do from a blog. I decided I would miss you all so much. It is a comfort to know that you feel as close to me as I do to you. :) So I am decided instead to follow the handful of blogs that I have connected to and unfollow the others. That way I can still play a more active role here without being green with jealousy over what I want and can not have. If not for you, I would surely be gone. I am glad to be staying for now. I would have missed you all too much to go yet.

    1. Surrendered wife- You are so welcome! I know that my boring personal details are never part of my blogging but I am honest. There is support to be had, and i do feel it here in blogland. We all have our own unique story of where we are and how we got here. You SHOULD be heard and if I can offer insight/support in any way, I will!! Keep writing down your journey. XOXO