Monday, March 17, 2014

Helping me 'focus'.

I slide into the shower behind my Man.  He asks me to wash his hair.  I love to shower with this Man.  There's something about hot water and the frictionless slide of soap over naked skin.  It is so, naked.  Everything is stripped away, nothing is off limits or unseen.  Love.  

We switch sides.  I am in front.  He is pinching my nipples as the hot shower streams down my body.  The water is hotter than I like.  Today, however, I LIKE.  Yummy painful electricity travels from my nipples straight down to my pussy.  MMmmm....  This Man of mine.  He is a musician.  I am his instrument.  Each strum of his finger plays a new tune.  My breath is paced with my surrendered calm.   

I extend my arms back behind me to offer up my breasts beautifully for him.  I love the objectification.  He loves my breasts.  They are all His.  My mind is erased of all other thoughts when he is playing with me.  I find his erection behind me and I slowly slip my hands around him and his balls.  He pinches and twists my nipples as I groan and grip him in my hands.

His hands glide off my breasts and behind my back, to my hands.  He grabs my wrists, fantastically stern, and pulls my hands off his cock. He crosses my wrists and pulls them up to my hanging wet hair at the base of my back.  I tip my head back as he pulls my hair into my hands.  No words spoken.  He doesn't need to.  I close my hands firmly around my hair.  I wouldn't let my hair go for anything.  He roughly tips me forward with my ass tilted and offered to him.  He takes what is his.  Mixes of moans and screams escape me as he pushes to enter my His ass.

Last night as we drifted to sleep He asked me if I needed help to focus.  I answered.  Yes, please.  The time is now.  In this moment, I realize that He is determined and intent on fucking me into submission.  I am focused on my surrender/submission.  Water is spraying me in the face, my asshole is tight and I. AM. HIS.  I can moan and scream if I need, but I am HIS, and He will decide how hard and how fast to fuck me.  Where I would normally pant and ask for Him to wait while I adjust to the initial sharp sting of anal, I surrendered.  I grasped my hair, kept my ass tilted for Him like a good girl, and felt his Dominance take me over.

I have no recollection where He was grabbing me but He pounded into me with such ownership that I screamed out as I came.  He fucked this orgasm out of me.  There was no chance for me to ask to cum, He took it.  I felt the next one building.  I.  Have....  To.  CUM.  Again... My breasts are slapping against each other with his pounding.  CUM.  I continue to unravel as I feel Him jerking into me with his own release.

Sexual submission- oh my this Man could fuck me into unconsciousness and I would wake up later and thank him!