Wednesday, March 26, 2014

D/s? Switch? Or, just a wife in need of some protein sometimes?!

Am I going to get any cum out of you today?  Maybe you could masterbate into my mouth?  In my cutest of cute/playful voices.



MMmmHmmm. He says with a smirk

Can you stand above me?

I will.  

He stands up.  Walks over to me.  I lay face up on the couch.  I watch as he takes himself into his hand and rubs up and down.  I was I was going to wait with my mouth open, tongue out.  Instead I took his balls into my mouth, sucking and cupping each one.  Only my mouth.  

He dips his hand, pointing the stream of cum in my direction.  

I look up.
He. Is. Watching. Me.

We make eye contact as his cum hits my tongue, my lips, my face.

I keep my mouth open for an extra second.  Then swallow.

I use my mouth to clean him up and milk out the rest. 

Does anyone else just need this?!  How have you asked your Man?


  1. Have I asked to suck him off?? Absolutely. On a daily basis!! Lol. We call it a shot of protein ;)


    1. Oh my P, I was going to finish my title with "Or just a wife in need of a shot of protein"! Too damn funny!! My Man also calls it "A steak and two eggs". All protein baby =)

  2. oooh yeah, I want it, I need it, I crave it! If it's of a morning I tell him I want breakfast in bed and/or that I need some protein before I can possibly contemplate getting up!

    If it's an evening, I tend to just beg to suck his cock plaintively until he 'relents' -i put it in quotes because he doesn't really need much convincing!

    I make constant hints that need more protein in my diet to be honest

    1. "Breakfast in bed." that made us both laugh! LOVE it!

  3. Replies
    1. These darn comments not posting! Let me try again...

      So to you as well jay. Do you/how do you ask your Domme/wife if you just have to taste her? Is that allowed?

      And yes, it was so nice! The eye contact was over the top for me. Loved it.

  4. Great post. I feel the same way a lot. I want it. I NEED it. I have often wondered why over this past year that I feel the need so strongly. It is definitely one of the things I may never understand about this dynamic and I know that I will miss it very much. When we were in a regular 50/50 dynamic (or more 70/30 with me being the 70) I did not feel this need AT ALL. So my expectation is that it will once again go away. I must say that the thought makes me a bit weepy since I loved feeling such a strong need for him. *sigh* Anyway, great post. I identified with it very much. I especially loved the eye contact part. It's so great when they connect with us at that moment. It makes the need even stronger.

    1. If the need desn't go away, keep requesting it! Scrapping D/s is NO good reason to give up the cock!!!