Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All for HIM.... This made me smile =)

Our life is full of ups and downs together, but there isn't a day that passes that I don't feel like the luckiest woman in the world!  I work to convey the love I have for this Man through my actions but I truly enjoy taking time to chronicle it here...It feels more alive when I can place myself back in an earlier time of us being us.

With that being said.....
I like the March Q&A idea!  Personal identity questions aside of course....ask away!

I am a new blogger so I understand that not a lot of you know me...but I hope that makes want to get to know me and ask me some questions!!!

Please don't leave me with the sound of crickets!  =)

XOXO  Pearl


  1. No crickets here...my dog is snoring on the couch though.

    -Is there anything that you would change about your submission? (more of/less of)

    -#1 toy wish list item?

    - In what way does He dominate you that grabs you the most?

    - Which would be worse for you and why: not being allowed to cum after edging or no sex at all?

  2. Do you have any rituals to help with your submission?

  3. I second DF's question.

    Also how on earth did you get from him telling you he didn't want this to where you are now?

  4. My plan is to answer each of you on an individual blog post. I will also answer my own bonus question for you as a 'thank you' =)

    SW...Your question will be a fun one to answer. It was a very long, difficult, and at times even heart-wrenching beginning for us with D/s. Thank you for your question!

    For all your questions! I can't wait to answer =)

    XOXO Pearl