Saturday, March 29, 2014

A sneak peak inside: My Assignment Update (tally count)...

My Man gave me an assignment a while back.  My tally is up to over 160!  YAHOO!  I say 'over' (with no exact count) because, to be honest, I didn't keep a great record during March.  On this, and many other sub-fronts, I am working to improve and to become more consistent.

Aren't we always a work in progress?

Since that assignment/task my Man has talked a bit more on his goal for making me cum.  He said that he goes for a 10:1 ratio (in my favor!).  Now this made me equal parts IN LOVE with him and just straight out laugh!  He has actually considered a ratio.  In context it was much more funny and thoughtful than mathematical.  He talked about how difficult it was for me to cum when I only had clit orgasms for our first several years together.  How that even with our discovery in the past few years that I could cum (multiple times in one session usually) he is still way up on me if we were to count all of his orgasms against mine over the past 20+ years together.  He decided that I am due some back pay.

This is the best case of karma I have ever had!

And for a sneak peak inside, here is a recent quick entry from my 'tally journal'.  I didn't edit and I really never censor anyway....
I would say 15 tonight.  You absolutely took every last drop from me.  You bit my ear and told me how you were going to be tying me up and fucking me in every hole and leaving me while the cum dries and you will come back and fuck me more.  You smacked my ass, stretched my pussy, made me fuck my vibrator and cum on you while I kissed and rubbed you.  I defied you and sucked you off while you fucked me in the ass with my vibrator.  I was drunk on you. You reminded me that I am your sub and I will be getting more tasks if I don't start to serve you better.  Dishes done, I will not be getting work days off.  Shower for bed, you want my pussy clean if you decide to lick me.  You want my breasts soft with lotion for you.  YES.

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