Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A black hole...

Not a reference to anal in any way...  As I typed the title it made me giggle a bit that people might think it was  =)

I imagine a that in a black hole there is a whole lot of nothingness.  Just.....blah.  That is my rut of sorts.  I love to write, it clears the noise in my head.  I need to get it out of me to understand it, organize it, and heal from it (if needed).  Right now, it's not working.  It's not helping me to understand or organize.  It's not helping clear the noise.  I actually feel like it is creating more sometimes.

Ironically, I have much to write about.  I also LOVE to hear your questions!

My hope is to push through this drought and see some light again soon.

XOXO  Pearl


  1. Oh I well know that black hole. Keep writing whatever you can, if you can. It becomes harder to start again if you cease.

    1. I had no other way to explain it. That damn black hole is just life sucking sometimes. I decided to write in my old computer journal my Man set up for me prior to my blogging. It helped so much. Freedom to write truly for felt very good. XOXO Pearl